April Foolin’

We here at Order Desk are no stranger to the occasional April Fools prank, and since it’s been a while we thought we’d have a little fun this year by announcing several new Order Desk…”products”…on Twitter this year. These new products sadly … Read More

Our Prices Are Changing

Beginning February 1, 2022, we will be implementing a new pricing structure. We know that change can be uncomfortable, and felt it was important to be as transparent as possible regarding this decision. Our new prices will be: Starter $20/mo … Read More

Looking Back: Our 2020 Retreat

It’s strange to think that there was a short period of time in January of 2020 where traveling and having gatherings wasn’t an issue in many areas of the world, but we here at Order Desk are especially grateful for … Read More

2021 Wrap-Up

Can you believe it’s 2022 already? I know it’s been a stressful year with global supply chain issues and shortages of everything from computer chips to chickens, but your business bobbed and weaved through the ever-changing ecommerce landscape flawlessly. The … Read More

New From Order Desk: Print on Demand Videos!

If you’ve been with us for a while then you may remember our Order Desk Demo Series that we launched last spring, our 12-part video series that offers a basic overview of the Order Desk app covering a variety of … Read More

Amy Gharst Wins 2020 SaaS Customer Success Leader Award

The Order Desk team is proud to announce that Amy Gharst, our Operations Lead, has been named a 2020 SaaS Customer Success Leader by Appealie, a company that recognizes the top marketing and customer success executives in the software industry. … Read More

2020 Wrap-Up

We’re Glad It’s Over.   When brick and mortar stores were shutting down left and right, the world looked to ecommerce to serve their needs. With your good spirits, suggestions, and feedback, we were able to navigate this unprecedented demand … Read More


If you’ve ever registered your own domain name, you know it can be a pain. It’s especially frustrating if the vision you have for your brand isn’t complete without the domain name you want. We understand this all too well, … Read More

Tales from the Order Desk Retreat & What it Means for You

1 house. 5 days. 6 people. 13,585 miles between them. Countless calories consumed. For the first time in Order Desk history, the entire team was together under one roof. And for many of us, this was our first time meeting … Read More

Order Desk Update: Old Orders Being Imported from Shopify

Recently Shopify made a change in their platform that has been updating really old orders, making them look new again. The result of this is that orders are being imported into Order Desk that shouldn’t be. Until Shopify resolves this … Read More