Our Prices Are Changing

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Beginning February 1, 2022, we will be implementing a new pricing structure. We know that change can be uncomfortable, and felt it was important to be as transparent as possible regarding this decision.

Our new prices will be:

Starter $20/mo + 25¢/order

Pro: $60/mo + 10¢/order

Plus: $125/month + 5¢/order

Order Desk has remained an independently owned and operated entity since its inception in 2014—all of our funding comes directly from Order Desk subscribers like you. Without investors or a board of directors all vying for input, our company can remain nimble and efficient, and our goal is to be able to continue to offer you the customized support and rich feature set that you’ve come to expect from us. With this increase, we aim to continue growing our team to be able to keep our support times low and our uptimes high.

We also want to keep our subscription plans as low as possible, which is why we’ve kept our prices the same for nearly four years. We know that our app is a cornerstone for small to medium-sized business, and every cent counts at that stage of a business.

As we continue to grow, we hope you’re watching the features we’re continuing to add, the integrations being built and curated, the partnerships we’re creating, and the speed and care at which our support is offered. We have some exciting things planned for the future that we’re excited to unveil when the time is right, and the changes we’re making now will help us reach those goals faster.


When we last adjusted our prices in 2018, we noticed a pattern in the questions we received from you, so we wanted to address some questions we expected you might ask:

Will my current bill be affected?

Yes it will. Your next invoice after February 1, 2021 will reflect this price change.

How do I know if my current subscription is the best plan for my business?

It’s likely that your current plan will remain the best one for your needs, as the included features on each plan are not being changed.

Can I change my subscription?

Of course! The amount of orders your business receives will always ebb and flow, so you can make adjustments to your subscription from the Billing page in the Order Desk app as often as you need.

Can I keep my current pricing?

These changes will go into effect on all Order Desk stores. We will no longer be offering pre-February 2022 subscription costs.

Will this affect any of my current features or integrations?

We are making changes to our pricing to better reflect the features included with each subscription level. All the features and integrations that you currently enjoy will remain the same unless you change your subscription.


If you have specific questions about any of the above questions, or anything we haven’t covered, please contact Order Desk support. You can also click here to see what features are offered with each plan.


One theme we’ve tried to maintain throughout the history of Order Desk is openness. We try to “work out loud” as often as we can, and if you’re on our email newsletter list, you’re no stranger to how much information we tend to share.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused waves of global supply chain issues, fulfillment delays, and supply shortages that have bubbled down to all of us as end consumers. We are no strangers to how disruptive a subscription increase can be, so we didn’t make this decision lightly. Thank you for your trust, your patience, your understanding, and as always, your support.

The Order Desk Team

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