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[WEBINAR]: Manage Your Orders with Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment

I had a blast co-hosting the “Manage Your Orders with Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment and Order Desk” webinar with Amazon! In case you missed it live, we’re proud to present the recording here on YouTube: Have questions about using Amazon MCF … Read More

What Do Top Ecommerce Services Look Like to AI?

We’ve all seen their logos, but do we really know what some of the top ecommerce services look like? We wanted to find out, so we enlisted the help of Midjourney, a trending image generator that takes text prompts and … Read More

Hire a Pro: Introducing the Order Desk Experts Program

Since the beginning of time… well, at least since 2014, the Order Desk support team has received requests that look something like this: Can’t I just pay you to set up Order Desk for me? Our company has historically prioritized … Read More

Looking Back: Our 2022 Leadership Off-Site

Working for a remote company has its perks, like being able to spend more time with your family (and your furry family!), but one aspect of remote work that many companies struggle with is the lack of in-person human connection. … Read More

“Never Undersell Your Product” – David Hollander interviewed by Bootstrappers

Bootstrappers, a weekly newsletters for the bootstrapped startup community, invited Order Desk founder David Hollander to chat about how he began Order Desk as a freelance project to how we’ve grown to a $2 million ARR by focusing on keeping … Read More

Our Prices Are Changing

Beginning February 1, 2022, we will be implementing a new pricing structure. We know that change can be uncomfortable, and felt it was important to be as transparent as possible regarding this decision. Our new prices will be: Starter $20/mo … Read More

Rutabagas and What It’s Like to Reject 2,000 People for a Single Role at the Same Time

Editor’s note: Typically, we post news about Order Desk, our ecommerce order management app. This post falls outside of our normal scope of content, however since many of our users are small businesses, we want to be real about the … Read More

Learn About the History of Order Desk on the Big Break Software Podcast

 Georgie Wardman, the host of Big Break Software Podcast, was kind enough to invite our founder, David Hollander, onto his show to talk about all things Order Desk! In under an hour, they covered topics like: Why and how Order … Read More

May 2021

Happy Star Wars Day (and a belated greetings to you, anyone in Russian Standard Time and beyond)! Do you know someone who’s looking to join a growing ecommerce software company? We’re looking for the best mid-level PHP developer in the … Read More

April 2021

It’s been another productive month at Order Desk, though you may have noticed that our last few newsletters have been a little shorter than usual. There’s a good reason for that; we’re in the midst of a hiring push, and … Read More