What Do Top Ecommerce Services Look Like to AI?

We’ve all seen their logos, but do we really know what some of the top ecommerce services look like? We wanted to find out, so we enlisted the help of Midjourney, a trending image generator that takes text prompts and

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September 2022

In This Month’s Release Notes: Get paid to share Order Desk Two new integrations We’re hiring! Introducing the Order Desk Experts At least one GIF 😊 Integration Features & Updates Print on Demand Additional order level options that can be set as

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Looking Back: Our 2022 Leadership Off-Site

Working for a remote company has its perks, like being able to spend more time with your family (and your furry family!), but one aspect of remote work that many companies struggle with is the lack of in-person human connection.

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Release Notes

August 2022

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been feeling a bit under pressure lately. “Under what kind of pressure, Patricia,” you might ask, to which I would say, “stop pressuring me! I was planning to tell you anyway!” Well, my dear

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Using Order Desk

Life of An Integration Request

Order Desk has hundreds of integrations to many of the most popular ecommerce services and we regularly add more. Many times, the integrations that we build are suggestions from you or requests from the proposed company directly. If you you’re

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