2022 Wrap-Up

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The past few years have posed so many unique challenges, but one thing we at Order Desk have noticed is the way you have risen above them and adapted. We love watching you thrive and it inspires us to do the same.

So as we enter the new year, let’s reflect on 2022!

2022 by the numbers

Let’s take a look at what counted this year (literally):

3573 new Order Desk stores were created this year.

Collectively, Order Desk stores set new records in 2022 by selling $4,390,346,182.28 in product, up from last year’s record of $3,672,278,219.94. That’s coming from the 28,346,268 orders that you received, resulting in an average sale of $154.88!

We processed a whopping 254,000 orders on Black Friday. That’s up 15% from Black Friday in 2021.

You used Order Desk to send 5,801,239 emails to your customers, which is 1,803,798 more than in 2021. Great job keeping in contact!

We added 22 new integrations this year, along with 2,799 updates to keep the Order Desk train on track.

Did you reach out to us for help this year? If so, you contributed to the 15,000 support emails we responded to (that’s about 58 emails a day).

Order Desk grew along with you!

Seven new people joined Order Desk this year! Our hiring team did a ton of work reviewing each application that came in for open roles in 2022. We had 4,364 applicants overall. That’s more than the population of Norfolk Island!

Order Desk is now comprised of 22 people from every corner of the world, and we spend each day learning and growing from the diverse perspectives of our peers.

You engaged with us.

  • You spent over 657 hours watching our instructional videos and webinars. That’s nearly 4 full weeks!
  • Our TikTok effects were used in just 790 videos but generated 893,853 video views.
  • You visited our Knowledge Base 118,799 times for a total of 6,101 hours spent on the KB.
  • We added 28 new guides to our Knowledge Base.

We celebrated personal wins with our team…

  • One of us welcomed a third baby, which brings us to SEVEN total Order Desk babies
  • Three of us got engaged (two of whom were to each other)
  • One of us returned to playing tennis after taking a break for over a decade and has been serving consistently
  • One Order Deskian is now 50,000 words into writing their novel and has paid off their student loans
  • One of us has spent the year traveling the US and working from ten different cities, all while successfully acquiring their Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership
  • Two of us have helped re-home a missing dog, find the owners of three lost puppies, and have offered hospitality to seven other pups in need.

…and some major learning experiences.

Between December 18th and 19th, we experienced a rare partial outage that halted order imports for 26 hours.

We believe in humility, so our team prepared a postmortem to take you through what occurred, which you can read here.

Getting the app back up and running was a massive team effort and we received kind messages from so many of you, including a pretty memorable photo of a puppy!

2023 looks like it’s going to be an amazing year!

Sure…we say this every year, but what if 2023 is the greatest year ever? We have some big plans for Order Desk and can’t wait to share them with you.

What do you have planned for your business? We want to hear all about it, so feel free to send your goals and dreams to support@orderdesk.com so we can help you reach them.

Happy New Year!

Patricia and The Order Desk team

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