Hire a Pro: Introducing the Order Desk Experts Program

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Illustration by Dan Valenzuela for Order Desk

Since the beginning of time… well, at least since 2014, the Order Desk support team has received requests that look something like this:

Can’t I just pay you to set up Order Desk for me?

Our company has historically prioritized education, believing that if we can teach someone to use Order Desk, the knowledge will be better utilized than us doing something on their behalf. However, in the interest of supporting all sorts of needs and skill levels across the ecommerce spectrum, we’re proud to introduce a new program: Order Desk Experts.

At launch, we pored through thousands of Order Desk stores and hand-picked some of our most trusted and skilled Order Desk customers and partners. We wanted to be sure that you would be in capable hands if we enlisted their help, and our launch class includes some of the most capable users of Order Desk around.

Order Desk Experts are working with us on a freelance basis, meaning they will be setting their own prices, independent of the standard Order Desk pricing. And of course, our support team is ever at the ready (and newly expanded) to step in should you choose to learn more about how Order Desk works.

We expect to pilot this program with a handful of Experts, and should the need continue to arise, we plan to introduce more over time.

For more information about the Order Desk Experts program, including Pink Birch Designs, Personalization.Tools, and any other businesses who have accepted our invitation to join, visit our Order Desk Experts Directory.

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