What Do Top Ecommerce Services Look Like to AI?

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We’ve all seen their logos, but do we really know what some of the top ecommerce services look like? We wanted to find out, so we enlisted the help of Midjourney, a trending image generator that takes text prompts and uses artificial intelligence to turn them into images, almost out of thin air. If it sounds like magic, it practically is!

Below, we’ve put six images that we built with text prompts that reference some of the most notable ecommerce services available today. Can you guess them all?

We’ll put the answers at the bottom so you can check your results!

Here come the answers! If you don’t want any spoilers, turn back now.

  1. Etsy
  2. Shopify
  3. BigCommerce
  4. Amazon
  5. PayPal
  6. Squarespace

Did you get them all? Tweet us with suggestions on which ones to do for the next round!

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