May 2021

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Happy Star Wars Day (and a belated greetings to you, anyone in Russian Standard Time and beyond)!

Do you know someone who’s looking to join a growing ecommerce software company? We’re looking for the best mid-level PHP developer in the galaxy to join us full time and help build the future of our app. If you know someone who might be interested, please send them a link to our careers page to learn more about the role.

New Features & Updates

The Rule Builder got a useful filter that lets you look through the Order History to find any events that have (or haven’t!) happened. Use the Contains or Does Not Contain operators to find what you’re looking for and take action on the order:

If you need to sync inventory between your Order Desk stores, you can do so from the Inventory Items page with the Sync All Inventory to Store setting:

This works together with the Keep Inventory Synced with Other Store setting (details in this guide) if you are passing inventory between your Order Desk stores as updates are made, but it also works if you simply want to do a one time inventory push from one store to another.

Integration Features & Updates


The Dropbox integration has a new setting that allows you to automatically increment item metadata fields so you don’t have to keep updating the field name with _2, _3 and so on when adding multiple files to a single item. Details in the guide.

Shopping Carts

Our Walmart Marketplace integration supports Mexico. DSV is still US only. Instructions can be found in the Walmart guide.

If you need to set the warehouse address for Wayfair cross-border shipments, see how in this guide.

There’s a limit of 40,000 SKUs that can be synced to Amazon Marketplace, and any submissions with more than this number of items will fail. If you have more than that and still want to sync your inventory to Amazon, you can set amazon_skip=1 as item metadata on items that can be removed from the sync to get your number of SKUs below 40,000. For more information on how to set this up, see the Amazon Marketplace guide.


If you want your discounts to be deducted from the product total that is sent to Cubyn with your orders, you can select the Include Discount In Total At Cubyn setting, so the processor balance (or actual total paid value) will be sent instead. Details in the Cubyn guide.

Print on Demand

Additional order level options that can be set as checkout data or order metadata were included for:

  • Monster Digital: ExtraQualityCare lets you tell Monster Digital to be extra careful with the print quality on products. Details here.
  • Bay Photo: Use GiftMessageImage to set a link to an image file with the gift message on it, and Bay Photo will print it out to include with the order. Details here.
  • Turbine: Set PackingSlip to send a printable PDF file to Turbine to be included with the shipment. Details here.
  • Dream Junction: Set PackingSlip to send a printable PDF file to Dream Junction to be included with the shipment. Details here.


EasyPost made a few customs updates for merchants and providers dealing with new Brexit requirements. If this impacts you, you can read more about the required fields you can add to the EasyPost settings here.

New Integrations

Print on Demand: HoplixSPODThreadStudio

We hope that our updates to Order Desk are more exciting than the updates George Lucas made to Star Wars after it was released on DVD.

See you next month!
The Order Desk Team

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