May-July 2020

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If you’ve noticed a lack of Order Desk news gracing your inbox, it’s because we’ve been keeping our noses to the digital grindstone to ensure that our app could scale with the influx of new ecommerce businesses that the global pandemic introduced. We’ve added four new people to our team in four different countries, upgraded our infrastructure, and still found time to take a few short breaks for ice cream to keep ourselves pleasant.

There are so many updates from the last three months that it would take way too long to cover each one, so we’ve culled this list down to the most important features. Let’s get right to it!

  • If you have access to more than one Order Desk store, there’s a new count number for all orders in the New folder for each store. You can access this info from your User Account Information page by clicking on Edit My Account under the Account menu:
  • Sendle, Purolator, Dynamex, and TForce are all carrier codes that work in Order Desk. If you set any of these as the carrier code on a shipment, Order Desk will automatically create the tracking links for the corresponding carrier.
  • If you have access to more than one Order Desk store from your email address, you’ll love this one. Before, visiting an order link for a store you were not logged into would show that the order didn’t exist in that store. Now, Order Desk will recognize what store the order is from and log you into it automatically as long as you have access to that store.
  • The Order Desk API can accept multiple inventory updates at a time.
  • The Rule Builder has : Before Local Time and After Local Time. You’ll also see that the In List and Not In List operators now work with wildcards by setting * before or after the words. In this example, any order with an item named mug-something or something-shirt will be true and the rule will run on that order:

  • Search for multiple SKUs in a single advanced search:

Shopping Carts

  • Shopify
    • The inventory cost in Shopify can be imported with your inventory items into Order Desk. If you need this feature, please respond to this email, and our team will enable it in your store.
    • There is a new rule action to Cancel Order at Shopify. If you use this action, you can tell Shopify whether or not to send the customer an email notification:
  • Squarespace
    • We made some changes on our side so high-volume stores will experience more reliable order downloading
    • If you only want to import certain order items, you can use the .
    • For orders , Order Desk will include the VAT total in the order total and add the VAT amount as order metadata for your records.
  • Ecwid
    • If a requested pickup date, time and instructions are on an order, they will be added as checkout data in Order Desk.
    • Incomplete orders can now be imported by selecting the “All” option under Payment Status in the integration settings.
  • TradeGecko – Order Desk will automatically convert the bundle into the individual items and show those in the order here.
  • CommerceHub
    • The Home Depot Canada and Costco are the newest vendors available.
    • Packing slips will be downloaded with orders if enabled from the integration settings page
    • You can select which field will be used as the SKU in Order Desk from the Item SKU Style setting in the integration. Details .
  • Google Shopping
    • You can now connect via your Merchant ID.
    • Discounts will now be included with the order totals.
    • Order Desk will send inventory counts to Google Shopping if the Sync Inventory setting is enabled. Details .
  • Weebly – If there is a pickup date and time on orders, it will be added as checkout data in Order Desk.
  • XoroONE
    • Wave filtering got an upgrade so it should be working a little better this month.
    • Order Desk will send inventory counts to XoroOne if the Sync Inventory setting is enabled. Details .


  • Falcon Fulfillment – The Falcon integration has been updated to work with their new API connection.
  • VeraCore, Xpedite, Verde, ShipCentral, Logistics Plus – If you check your orders for with the new Check for Backorder Status setting, you can use the rule event Order Backordered at VeraCore (or Xpedite, Verde, etc.) to take action on these orders, such as moving them to a review folder.
  • Logistech Solutions – If available, serial numbers will be downloaded with the shipment information.

Print on Demand

  • Alexander’s Print Advantage
    • Order Desk can receive cancelation notifications from Alexander’s. Select which folder you want canceled orders to move into, details .
    • You can also use the rule event Order Canceled at Alexander’s to take action on orders as they are canceled, or use the rule action Cancel Order at Alexander’s to have Order Desk tell Alexander’s to cancel an order on their side.
  • District Photo – Set the DeclaredValue, DutyAmount and DutyPrepaid price info for customs purposes on your orders. Details .
  • Just Vision It – Image download is now streamlined so the process will be faster and more reliable for high resolution images.
  • Harrier
    • Item prices will automatically be sent to Harrier.
    • Better logs and webhooks are in place so the submission and fulfillment notifications between Order Desk and Harrier will be easier to track and, if something goes wrong, troubleshoot.
  • OneFlow – New providers available are and .
  • Printverse – Choose from a Production or Staging environment when setting up your Printverse integration.
  • Scalable Press
    • If you use the same Scalable Press account on more than one Order Desk store, you can set up webhook redirects so shipment info will find its way to the right Order Desk store. Find more details .
    • If an order number has already been sent to Scalable Press, we will give an error saying it’s a duplicate submission and won’t send the order through again.
    • Order Desk will automatically use the Source ID in the PO Name field.
  • Spoke Custom – Use print_image_type as an item metadata field, to tell Spoke Custom what the image or artwork file type is if not JPG. The default will be JPG, including for Google Drive links. Details .


  • Stripe
    • Stripe can send risk assessment info into Order Desk, which will be added as order metadata and can be used to take action on orders that are possibly fraudulent. To have this info added to your orders, use the rule action Retrieve Stripe Risk Assessment.
    • You can also capture payments through Stripe with the rule action Capture Authorized Charge With Stripe.


  • SmartyStreets – Updated to provide you with more international address validation options and to provide better feedback for .


New Integrations

Shopping Carts:
, , ,

, , ,

Print on Demand:
, ,

– We’re happy to (re)introduce our Zapier integration, which is easier to connect and use. You can read more about it .

What would you find most helpful in the Order Desk help docs? Anything missing that you would love to see? Let me know! We’ll see you next month (for real!)

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