August 2020

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What’s New at Order Desk? August 2020

We’ve been in an unfamiliar landscape in 2020, and the way we approach ecommerce has significantly changed. At Order Desk, we’re continuing to stay focused on our most important goal—helping your business be as efficient as possible in an unstable world. We’ve been listening to and learning from your input on what Order Desk can do for you and your business, so this month, we’d like to highlight some of our newest updates and integrations that we’ve incorporated into the Order Desk repertoire.

App Updates:

  • Japanese addresses that use the ISO 3166-2 code can be converted to the full prefecture name in Japanese with the rule action Convert State or Region to Full Name.
  • Amazon Logistics tracking links will automatically be created when Amazon Logistics is used as the carrier code in the shipment details.
  • Export templates using FTP can now be set up to Overwrite Existing File.

Shopping Cart Integration Updates:

  • BigCommerce Item level discounts have been added. If you need this enabled on your account, please respond to this email, and we’ll hook you up.
  • Houzz We made improvements to how we send shipping carrier info to Houzz so it aligns with their list of supported carriers. You should be seeing fewer errors on Houzz orders.
  • Wayfair The Wayfair integration has a new sandbox environment so you can test your setup before going live. Also, you can set up a rule action to look for and Download Shipping Labels from Wayfair on orders that have already been imported into Order Desk.
  • BrightStores The BrightStores integration got a new option to . If enabled, set up a rule on the event BrightStores Order Canceled to take action on these orders in Order Desk. In addition to that, higher volume order downloads will process more smoothly.
  • Overstock Choose from as import options for your price field.

Print on Demand Integration Updates:

  • Oneflow There was an issue with canceled orders not being marked as canceled in Order Desk. We fixed that!
  • Invition Choose from when setting up your Invition integration.
  • BDLinx You can now send with your orders to BDLinx.
  • CustomShirtPrints Items can use the AKU field. Details .
  • Blackfish We’ve added support for to be included with orders sent to Blackfish.
  • Spoke Custom Spoke Custom supports the Asendia ePackets shipping method. To set up your shipping preferences, check out the .
  • Casestry If you use the same Casestry account in more than one Order Desk store, shipment notifications will make it back to the right store. No action is needed on your part for this to work.
  • MWW On Demand We made an update to filter out extra characters that were being imported with tracking numbers. Tracking numbers should now arrive with only their assigned numbers/letters.
  • Teamwork Athletic UPS was added as a shipping option. To set up your shipping preferences, check out the .

Fulfillment Integration Updates:

  • VeraCore Set NeededBy as checkout data or metadata on an order and the date in that field will be sent with the order into VeraCore.
  • Cubyn Custom packing slips can be sent to Cubyn. Details .
  • Wemalo We will receive shipment notifications via webhook more reliably.
  • OIA Global Special characters in order numbers were causing some problems with getting orders to OIA Global. These will be removed automatically for a more reliable submission process.
New Integrations
Print on Demand Shopping Carts Fulfillment Shipping
Infinite Supply Shirtplatform SanMar Bond
Teelaunch Miva

That wraps it up for August! Is there anything else you’d like to see from us? If there’s an integration update you’re looking for or a functionality you think would kick your workflow up a notch, let us know! One of the best parts of working for a small and dedicated team like Order Desk is being so directly connected to you. We’re grateful for the opportunity to thrive in a year with such unfamiliar terrain, so hit us up with whatever’s on your mind!

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next month!

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