About Zapier

Zapier is a productivity app that seamlessly connects over 2,000 business apps, such as Gmail, Slack, and MailChimp. Zapier helps to automate routine processes and repetitive tasks without the need for coding or technical resources.

Using Zapier With Order Desk

Connecting Order Desk and Zapier unlocks countless automation options and connections you can use to take full control of your order management process. By sending orders to Zapier from Order Desk, you can access the Zapier apps you use with your business. Set up Zaps that can pass information back to Order Desk based on activity at Zapier.

Automating your ecommerce workflow has never been more accessible than it will be with Zapier and Order Desk working together.


  • Thousands of connections to the apps and services you use
  • Quick access to custom workflows between Zapier and Order Desk with Zap Templates
  • Send all new orders and folder change events to Zapier
  • Send specific orders or folder change events to Zapier at specific times
  • Watch for tag changes from Zapier to take action in Order Desk
  • Watch for order data to be changed from Zapier to take action in Order Desk
  • Change folder, set order data, create new order and change tag in Order Desk based on activity in Zapier

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To learn more about Zapier, visit their website here.