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Personalization.Tools saves sellers of personalized products. hours of time automating the creation of print-ready files. The workflow is tightly integrated into Order Desk and can automate any design/pattern. Excellent for sellers on Etsy, Jane, Amazon and other marketplaces.

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Specialty: Order Desk Setup

With years of experience and an international reach, Print Clever is not only only a print on demand supplier but your partner in growth. Using our depth and knowledge of print, we work side by side to support and expand your business without the headache. As Order Desk Experts, we specialise in Order Desk set up and creation.


Order Desk Experts have been hand-picked by our team as businesses who have shown exemplary knowledge of our app.

We’ve made these selections based on their trustworthiness and their skills, however as with any freelancer, please use your discretion. Understand that any service contracts are executed directly between your business and the third-party Order Desk Expert.

SparkWeb Interactive Inc., d/b/a Order Desk, will not facilitate any agreements between Order Desk Experts and your business, and cannot be held responsible in the unlikely event of a deviation from a third-party Expert’s contract.

Become an Order Desk Expert

If your business or creative agency has developed a mastery of using Order Desk, please consider applying to become an Order Desk Expert.

Order Desk Experts receive…

Priority Support

Ability to Set Their Own Prices

Promotion By Our Support Team

Integration Request Priority

Brand and Program Marketing

...and more!

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