September 2021

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Now that September is here, the busiest season for most of you is just around the corner! Before we dive into updates, let’s go over some tips from us at Order Desk to help you get fully prepared. Let’s start with some ideas for Merchants and Artists:

  • Establish your holiday products now and make sure your fulfillment service has plenty on hand.
  • Confirm timelines with your fulfillment service now and ask when their last order date to receive by Christmas will be so you can market/communicate to your customers accordingly.

For our Suppliers and Printers, keep these tips in mind:

  • Determine your fulfillment capacity now and set expectations for your customers.
  • Lock in shipping prices with the carriers you use and confirm their expected cut off ship date for delivery by Christmas.
  • Check in with your customers to see if they will have any new products that you’ll you need to have on hand.

Integration Features & Updates

Shopping Carts

Additional integration settings have been added for:

  • InkSoft: The Store Filter can be used to filter by InkSoft store name to only import orders from a specific store or stores. Any orders that are not from a store that is specified in the Store Filter will not be downloaded. .
  • Amazon Marketplace: Amazon shipping labels can be printed for your Amazon orders for marketplaces located in Canada, US, Mexico, Spain, UK, France, Germany, Italy, and India by enabling the feature in your Amazon Marketplace Integration. .

Additional order level fields are available for:

  • Amazon Marketplace: ShippingServiceId, PackageWeight, PackageType, LabelFormat, DeliveryExperience, CarrierPickup, PackageWidth, PackageHeight, DeclaredValue, HazmatType and PackageLength can be stored as item metadata on your inventory items here in Order Desk to send updates to Amazon. .

Print on Demand

Additional order level options that can be set as checkout data or order metadata for:

  • District Photo: IOSS value is now accepted via the District Photo API. The store level IOSS value will be used as a backup.

Additional item level options that can be set as variations or item metadata for:

  • District Photo: print_location_* is now supported. This will allow you to specify where you want a design printed by using the values FrontCenter, FrontPocket, FrontBelly, BackCenter, or BackShoulder. .


Additional order level details that can be set as checkout data or order metadata for:

  • Ongoing WMS: PackingSlip now supported to create a URL for the PDF to be included as the packing slip with the order. .
  • 3PL Central: RequireDeliveryConfirmation, RequireReturnReceipt, Insured, DeliveryConfirmationType, DryIceWeight, InsuranceAmount, InsuranceType, InternationalContentsType, InternationalNonDelivery, IsResidential, and SaturdayDelivery are now supported. .
  • Flurry: carton_contents_required must be added as checkout data or order metadata if you’d like to have orders with multiple cartons to have carton content labels included. .

Additional shipping label options available for:

  • Ongoing WMS: If shipment information is already on the order with a shipping label when it is exported, Order Desk will send the shipping label and update the order with the tracking number as the waybill number.

New Integrations

Print on Demand: ,


This is the perfect time to make sure your store is running smoothly and your integration settings are just how you want them. Why not run some test orders to confirm that your workflow is set up properly! Are you unsure of how to make the changes that will prepare your store for more orders? Do you have questions about upgrading your plan to get a lower charge per order? Well, you know where to find us ( or reply to this email)!

See you next month,

Patricia and The Order Desk Team

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