October 2020

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We hope after last month’s pre-holiday tips you’re getting your Order Desk store ready for a flawless holiday season. With such a drastic change to the scope of ecommerce this year, this might be your first holiday season with a fully online presence, and being prepared is key to your success! With Black Friday only weeks away, now is the time to make any changes you need and do plenty of tests to make sure your workflow is working as expected.

In the meantime, we have several in-app and integration updates to share with you in this spookiest of months.

New at Order Desk:

  • Use the new rule action Set Handling Total to apply the handling fee on orders. See our rules reference guide for a list of all non-integration specific rules.
  • If you use Hermes as your carrier, we updated the tracking link to use their new URL format.
  • Did you know you can export your inventory from Order Desk? Go to your Inventory Items page, scroll to the bottom and you’ll see an Export Inventory Items button. Click this and a CSV file of your inventory will be downloaded to your computer. This has always been there, but this month it got some much needed improvements and the export will run dramatically faster than it used to.

Integration Updates:

Shopping Carts:

  • If you need customs information (namely, the country of origin and harmonized system code) on your items to come in with your Shopify orders reach out to Order Desk support and we will set up your store to do this.
  • The WooCommerce integration was updated to bring in the weights on your items.
  • The Magento 2 integration was updated to import gift messages if they are on the order.
  • If you sync your inventory counts to Newegg, these will be reported at 5000 items per run so more item updates can make it through reliably.
  • The XoroONE integration was updated so the sales order number will be combined with the wave ID to build the source ID in Order Desk. This will make it possible for subsequent items/shipments to be added to the same sales order number.
  • The ShirtPlatform integration will bring in the size and color variations with your items.

Print on Demand:

  • Gearment items can have the side to be printed on set on them, details here. Also, the item name and code/SKU will be sent to Gearment so it is easier to know which items are which on their side.
  • Clothes2order is able to send notifications about canceled orders back into Order Desk. Check out your Clothes2order integration settings to tell Order Desk what folder to move canceled orders into. You can also set up a rule on the event Order Canceled at Clothes2order to tell Order Desk what you want it to do when an order is canceled, for instance, sending yourself an email notification.
  • When sending orders to Prima Printing, they’ll go through asynchronously so we can listen for updates from them more reliably. This should resolve the timeout issues we have been having with sending orders to them.
  • Orders you have sent to BDLinx can be canceled either with a rule using the Cancel Order at BDLinx action or by clicking the Cancel Order at BDLinx button which will appear on the order details page for any order already sent to them.
  • The MWW on Demand integration was updated to include UPS Mail Innovations as shipping options. If you’d like to use these, set up your shipping class matches.


  • You can send extra information to VeraCore about items by setting comments as item metadata or variations. Details here.
  • The Deposco integration has several new order level fields that you can use to send more customized information to Deposco on individual orders. Find all the new fields in our Deposco guide here.
  • The ShipHero integration got two updates this month. First, you can set your customer account ID when connecting or in the integration settings. Second, you can send tags through to ShipHero by adding them as checkout data or order metadata under the tags field name. Details on both updates can be found in our ShipHero guide here.
  • WSA Distributing has been added as the newest VeraCore provider.
  • 3PL Central accepts the ShippingAccountZip field as checkout data when sending custom shipping details on a per-order basis. Details here.


  • Send customer tags to MailChimp by setting mailchimp_customer_tags on the order as checkout data or order metadata. Multiple tags can be sent if separated by commas. Details here.


  • Orders sent to ShipStation will not send anything in the weight field if there is no weight to send.
  • If you need to add more shipments to your EasyPost manifest than show up on the first page, you can now do this by clicking the Select More From Next Page button from the EasyPost Shipments page:

New Integrations

Print on Demand: Ezprints | Imagine Your Photos | Picanova| Printform

Fulfillment: Active AntsInfoplus

It’s worth mentioning, as you get busier so do we! Order Desk support is here and ready to help, so ask questions early and let us know how we can support your store’s needs. Have a great spooky season and we’ll see you next month!

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