November 2020

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What’s New at Order Desk? November 2020

The fatigue has been real in 2020, but we’ve finally made it to November in a year that feels like it won’t end. With the busy season upon us, my team and I are more focused than ever on keeping things running smoothly for you while you ramp up for the holidays. We get a few questions every year wondering if we’ll be able to handle the influx of orders, especially on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Don’t worry; we plan for this event every year, and we’re ready if you are!

Mail Plus tracking links will automatically be created when Mail Plus is used as the carrier code.

Shopping Carts:

Amazon Marketplace  All Amazon orders have been updated to show whether a customer address is a residential or commercial address. You’ll see this info in the order’s metadata under amazon_address_type.

Shopify –

  • Improved accuracy when converting grams to pounds.
  • We added the option to choose Paid and Partially Paid as a financial status to import, instead of only one or the other.

SamCart  Use the new rule event called SamCart Order Completed instead of the Order is Imported event. Due to the way SamCart orders are imported an item at a time, this lets you take action on SamCart orders after all the items have been imported for a single order. Read more in our guide.

CommerceHub – Made general improvements for more accurate shipment information being sent from Order Desk to CommerceHub.

XoroOne – The Wave Number will take the place of an order’s ID number to simplify communication with XoroOne.

Magento 2 –

  • Choose from a new option to specify that you’re running your Magneto 2 integration with /pub defined as the document root. Check out our guide for information on this setting.
  • New setting Inventory Source Code lets you target specific inventory sources and only update items tied to the source you enter in this field. This is especially helpful if you manage inventory across multiple locations and want to only update stock amounts for specific sources.


ShipStation – Choose to allow or omit customer email address information to be submitted with your ShipStation orders.

EasyPost  Three EasyPost updates this round:

  • The shipment manager got a face lift, allowing for a more streamlined scan-form creation process.
  • Refunded orders will no longer be displayed on the shipment page.
  • We were seeing a few situations where unknown characters in order details were causing problems with DHL Global Mail being able to create shipments. From now on, we will auto-replace characters like that so the shipments can be created.


Shipedge – Made improvements for shipment notifications to be delivered back to Order Desk more successfully. Also upgraded to Shipedge v2.

MyWarehouse  Download stock counts from MyWarehouse with the new Sync Inventory setting. You can also choose what time frame you want to run that check by choosing a Sync Update Interval.

Wemalo  The Rule Builder got a new action: Change Priority on Wemalo Orders. Choose between 0 as the highest priority through 5 as the lowest priority.

Print on Demand:

Colorway on Demand – Send a custom Shipping Label along with your orders by setting ShippingLabel as order metadata or checkout data with your orders. Details here.

Just Vision It –

  • Allow for up to 35 characters on customer address lines 1 and 2.
  • We’ve also updated some of Just Vision It’s integration settings so you can choose how often you’d like to run shipment checks.

PulseID  We fixed an issue where PulseID was being incorrectly added to orders as fulfillment information. The fix allows for orders that have previously been sent for fulfillment to another integration to keep their original fulfillment info when they’re submitted to PulseID.

BDLinx – We added the ability to overwrite the default order number being sent with the order by adding order metadata for AlternateOrderID. Check out our guide on BDLinx for more info.

Qualtry – Made some improvements to help fix timeouts in a timely manner.

OPT on Demand – Updated to include a Shipping Class Match section!

White Label – 2 Day Shipping has been added as a shipping option.


Zakeke – You can save your print files in a zip format by enabling the Save Zip Files when Possible setting in your Zakeke integration. See our guide for more details on how to set this up.

Print on Demand: Through6 | Candle Builders | Uncommon
Shopping Carts: Square

Keep in mind, we always see a spike in support questions as the holidays approach and your volume goes up. We’re putting in extra time to make sure we get to your questions as quickly as possible, but the longer you wait to contact us, the longer you may be waiting for an answer. Please contact our support team as soon as possible if you have any questions about your store or need help troubleshooting any workflows that aren’t going as intended.

Thanks for reading and happy early holidays!

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