March 2021

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Happy March 2020! If you got our last newsletter via email, you might have noticed we incorrectly titled it “What’s New at Order Desk? – February 2020”, so now you’re in on the joke! Jokes are always funnier when you explain them, as you know.

Thankfully, now we’ll have more people here to catch our newsletter mistakes. We’ve grown the Order Desk team quite a bit since the real February 2020—we’re up to 11 people total! You might have met some of our newest folks through support emails, but if you’d like to see who you’re working with every day, we’ve updated our About page to reflect our current team. Keep an eye on this page over the next few weeks because we are hiring again soon!

Featured Update:

We are happy to introduce a brand new version of our Two Fifteen integration, which we rebuilt from the ground up this past month. If you’re unfamiliar with Two Fifteen or you’re exploring different print on demand services in the UK to use with Order Desk, click here to learn about what this integration includes.


The Rule Builder was updated with a filter letting you look at the Current Date:

Shopping Carts

  • If you’re wondering where the 3dcart integration went, it’s still there! They rebranded to Shift4Shop, so you’ll see that in the Order Desk app instead.
  • The Walmart integration can be configured to check for returned orders three times a day if Check for Returned Orders is enabledReturn information will be added to the item and order metadata, and you can use the Rule Builder event Walmart Order Returned to take action on returned orders. Details in the Walmart guide.


  • Tell Order Desk how often to Check For Shipments from RakutenSL. Details here.

Print on Demand

  • You may have noticed the Options Manager tool if you have the 4over integration enabled. Use this page to find the UUID information for the items you are sending to 4over for fulfillment. Check out the 4over guide for detailed instructions.
  • Since products are made on demand, you don’t often see inventory management with print integrations, but we’re trying something different with Monster Digital. If you have Monster Digital enabled in your Order Desk store, you will see a Manufacturer SKU in your inventory items. Use this field with the Sync Inventory setting in the integration for Order Desk to keep track of the availability of the blank products at Monster Digital. More details on how this works can be found in the Monster Digital guide.

Additional order level options that can be set as checkout data or order metadata were included for:

  • Custom Gateway and WOYC: skip_price_export—set this to 1 to skip prices being sent with the order if the Include Item Prices in Submission setting is enabled. Details can be found in the Custom Gateway and WOYC guides.
  • Top Shelf Printers: SupplierTracking can be used to send tracking numbers to Top Shelf Printers. Details here.
  • White Label MFG: CampaignID was added for your screen printing orders.

Additional item level options that can be set as variations or item metadata were included for:

  • BDLinx and White Label MFG: set Finished in the type field to send an item without a print_url. Details can be found in the BDLinx and White Label MFG guides.
  • Tribe Socks: add up to 3 print_urls to your items.

New Integrations

Shopping Cart: notonthehighstreet

Fulfillment: Kuebix

Print on Demand: Two Fifteen

See you next month,
The Order Desk Team

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