February 2021

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It’s almost Valentine’s Day, so you may see an uptick in print on demand gifts this month. May your fulfillment channels be as sweet as you are!

Feature Highlight

We released some major updates to our NetSuite and 3PL Central integrations.

Our NetSuite integration was rebuilt to support Payment Status and Inventory Updates. You won’t see these updates in the integration itself, so if you’d like to use these features, you will need to work with our NetSuite developer. If you don’t already have his contact info, please respond to this email and we’ll connect you. The existing Shipment Tracking feature has been improved as well.

3PL Central has a brand new API, so we rebuilt that integration from the ground up to support it. This brings lots of behind-the-scenes improvements throughout that affect how data is routed and handled. These changes are packaged in a new, separate integration. If you currently use 3PL Central, we will be migrating you to the new integration in time, but we’ll let you know before that happens. If you’d like to make this switch on your own, click here to enable the new version of the integration in your store.

App Updates

  • If you customize the columns in your folders, you’ll appreciate this easter egg of an update! Order metadata and checkout data columns can be renamed to whatever you want to call them so you aren’t stuck with a long, confusing metadata tag for a column name. For instructions on how to do this, see this guide.
  • You’ll see the Country Name Format in your Store Settings again letting you choose to display the full name of the country in addresses, details here. If you need to convert the full country name to the two letter abbreviation, you can do so with the rule action Convert Country to Abbreviated.
  • Link directly to order notes by clicking the date under the note for easier communication with your team!

Integration Updates

Shopping Carts

  • Tell the Etsy integration the First Import Date so orders from before this date will not import into Order Desk.
  • Schedule order imports in the Shopify integration with the Manual Import feature. Where it used to only search through 25 orders then wait for you to search again, if you click the new Schedule Import button, it will go back to the date/time you set and run a search in the background until it reaches the current date. Any orders that match your import settings that haven’t come into Order Desk will import. See how this works in our Shopify guide.
  • BrightStores got the same Schedule Import feature that Shopify did. Details here.
  • The BigCommerce integration is the latest one to get the Country Filter setting. See how it works in the guide.
  • Use the Inventory Location Filter on your Webflow orders to tell Order Desk which specific items you want imported with your orders. Details on how to set this up are in the Webflow guide.
  • The Wish integration has that same Inventory Location Filter.
  • You’ll see a new Import Parent Products option in the Magento 2 integration. This lets you tell Order Desk how to handle your bundles. Details in the guide.
  • Hej Sverige! Sweden is a new location you can choose for Amazon Marketplace.


  • You’ll see Sweden as a location in the Amazon FBA integration as well.
  • If you set OrderComment as checkout data or metadata on an order that is sent to Amazon FBA, the comments from Order Desk will be added to the Packing Slip Comments field in FBA. Details here.
  • The Ingram Content integration has a new setting for Default Order Type which can be used for all orders or specified on an order-by-order basis.
  • Test your Cubyn connection in the newly added Sandbox mode before switching to Production.

Print on Demand

  • Pic the Gift has a Shipping Class Match so you can tell Pic the Gift what shipping method to use for each order. More info here.
  • Tell Order Desk to tell Gelato to Automatically Approve Submitted Orders or to hold them for manual approval. Details on your options can be found in the Gelato guide.
  • The Air Waves integration was updated to include webhooks. If you haven’t yet, give your webhook URL to Air Waves so they can send shipment notifications to Order Desk. Details here.
  • If your HP Site Flow provider has an Optional Routing URL for you to use, this can be set in the integration, otherwise the default URL will be used. Details here.
  • Don’t need Bay Photo to crop or adjust your image files? Enable the Don’t Send Image Crop Data to Bay Photo setting in the integration. If you still need your artwork adjusted, continue to use the item level details to tell them what adjustments to make. More info can be found in the guide.

Additional order level options that can be set as checkout data or order metadata were included for:

  • Bay Photo: OrderServices, details here.
  • Gelato: orderType, details here.

Additional item level options that can be set as variations or item metadata were included for:

  • Alexander’s: mime_type on standard products, details here.
  • HP Site Flow: print_attributes can now be separated by a semi-colon if they apply to a single print_url, details here.
  • Picanova: print_option_name and print_option_value, details here.
  • PulseID: pre_treatment, details here.
  • Dubow Textiles: HG CYLINDRICAL, HG Dye Sublimation, HG FLAT, Poster, STICKER, Pinback Button and Magnet were all added as additional design_type options, details here.


  • For EasyPost, set carrier_id_limit as a checkout data or metadata field on orders to limit the returned rates and errors to that particular account. Details can be found in the EasyPost guide.
  • The Rule Builder got an action for ShipStation that lets you add a tag to an order at ShipStation. These are tags already in Shipstation that you would be selecting from.


  • Tell Order Desk which type of Dropbox link should be created when files are uploaded to Dropbox from Order Desk. See the guide for more information about the separate link types.
  • If you have multiple users on your account using PrintNode, each user can select the default printer they want used with their account from their user settings (Account > Edit My Account in the left sidebar):

New Integrations

Shopping Cart: CartRover

Fulfillment: 3PL CentralBorderless360James and James

Print on Demand: DupliumShowdown DisplaysSwiftPOD

You may have noticed that this month’s email was a little longer. I know we’re typically a productive bunch, but what you’re reading includes everything from late November through January. You could always pretend that you didn’t read this last paragraph and tell everyone that we work really fast if you want. Your secret is safe with me!

See you next month,

Dan and the Order Desk team

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