March 2020

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Happy March!

I don’t know about you, but we had a busy February here at Order Desk. We kept our heads down and worked hard, so we’ve got a lot of updates to go through this month. Let’s get right to them!

New Integrations

Print on Demand:
Miami Sublimation
Prima Printing

Shopping Carts:

New at Order Desk

Most of our updates are integration specific, but we do a lot of work each month on the Order Desk app itself, too. Not to overlook those features, here’s what we worked on in February:

Refund Total is a new field to select in export templates, and export template file names can be created with Twig.

The APC-PLI carrier code has been added to the app so their tracking links will be created automatically..

Inventory imports that include negative quantities will now honor the negative quantity instead of setting it to zero—unless you tell the import template otherwise. This update also works for altering the quantity as needed. More details on how this works can be found here.

Inventory Helper email notifications about low stock will include the Order Desk store name in the subject line.

Integration Updates

These are the most interesting and relevant new features, updates and fixes we made to our integrations in February:

If you use EasyPost to create shipping labels in Order Desk, you can validate the shipping address with our new EasyPost Validation check. For details on how this works, see this guide. EasyPost also has more default FedEx box options to choose from when creating your labels.

EasyPost Fulfillment carrier codes will be more standard when they come into Order Desk so they play well with your shopping carts.

You can set up a rule to tell Order Desk what to do with an order that is canceled in eBay.

We built a second TradeGecko integration this month. This new version is for sending your orders to TradeGecko for fulfillment. If you plan to connect to TradeGecko Fulfillment, learn more about the integration in this guide.

Order Desk will be more efficient with sending inventory counts to Overstock, and the FedEx carrier code was fixed.

The Printful integration can accept stitch_color on items, and you’ll see a product catalog in the integration settings. Use this catalog to find out the print_sku and variation information for the products you want to order. One last update, Printful shipments will be better about finding their orders from now on.

We made some Walmart improvements this month! We determined how they were sending shipping address info for store pick-up orders and adjusted how that appears in Order Desk for less confusion. The address2 field will be removed if it’s the same as the shipping name. Line item prices should be saving properly now. And we removed the inventory submission lag time and updated the app to support 30k inventory items at a time so your Walmart products will be updated the way you expect them to be.

Carrier codes coming in from fulfillment integrations will be sent to ShipStation Import to better match the carrier codes they use. The ShipStation Import integration was also updated to include order prefix and store-level order prefix settings.

Shopify orders will no longer import with refunded items on them. Please be aware that if the item is refunded after the order imports into Order Desk, the order will not be updated in Order Desk. Shopify item weights can now be saved in grams instead of converting to pounds; if you need this, please respond to this email, and we’ll set up your store to support it. If that wasn’t enough, you can now directly refund Shopify items from Order Desk. If you don’t see the option to refund items, disconnect your Shopify integration and then reconnect it again to see this button:

The FedEx Supply Chain integration will automatically clean invalid data more often.

Dubow orders will use +5 days as the date to ship value.

We saw some new-to-us details about Amazon Custom orders, so we took a pass through our code to make sure this feature is more extensive and better supported for your custom orders.

CustomCat order numbers will support special characters.

You can work with URLs in addition to files with the Dropbox integration. If you would rather add the URL for an existing file (or use Twig to create a URL that you know will be used), you can send the file to Dropbox with a rule. This works for both order level and item level fields. Look for the Upload File to Dropbox action in the Rule Builder:

Error messages coming through the VeraCore integration will be easier to understand.

Items sent to Teamwork Athletic have 8 new fields that can be included for the most customized print. Details here.

The CrystalD integration got some upgrades so it will function better.

Order Desk will ignore untracked shipments for CommerceHub orders so there won’t be any issues with any real shipments added later.

The number of orders the BrightOrders integration can look for at a time has been increased to more than 50.

The Complemar integration was updated to support canceled orders.

PayPal has a new order prefix filter. If you are using this integration as a cart, you can set a prefix in this filter so only orders starting with the prefix will be imported into Order Desk.

If the first shipment on an Etsy order is untracked, the second shipment will be sent to Etsy.

Order Desk will use the color and size variants on Monster Digital items to build the print SKU automatically.

Similarly, the Dream Junction SKU builder was made more reliable.

You can send your customer phone numbers to Aftership for SMS notifications. Details here.

The Tshirt & Sons integration has a better address submission process, and the base URL for testing was updated.

Zakeke should be working with Shopify now.

Magento 1 has better carrier mapping for DHL and FedEx.

If you have a SKU in an order that Wayfair won’t recognize, you can tell Order Desk to leave that item out of the shipment submission back to Wayfair by setting wayfair_skip=1 as item metadata. This will keep the entire shipment from being rejected because it doesn’t recognize the item as one from Wayfair.

Scalable Press started sending their shipment notification webhooks in a different way, so we updated how we catch them.

Tell BDLinx if you want a white underbase on prints with the print_underbase field. Details here.

That’s what we’ve got for this month. If you need extra information about any of these updates, don’t be a stranger. We’d love to hear from you!

Amy and the Order Desk Team

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