March 2018

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Hey there – welcome to our March update. We’re excited to share what we’ve been up to… let’s just skip the intro and jump right in, deal? Deal.


Our New Website

We’ve been hard at work creating our new and improved Order Desk public website. Our goal is to make easier and more enjoyable to navigate the site and find the information you need. In the coming months we’ll be adding even more to the site including dedicated integration pages (a one-stop shop for learning all about how Order Desk works with a specific integration).


API Rate Limiting

In order to protect Order Desk and ensure that no one is abusing the system we will soon be enabling rate limiting. This means that we will limit API requests from each store to 100 requests per 30 seconds. We’ve been saving logs over the last month and if it looks like your site will be having a problem, we’ve sent you an email, so if you haven’t heard from us, don’t worry about it. If you do plan to build something that calls our API a lot, be aware of these new limits. We plan start enforcing the rate limiting around the middle of March.


New Integrations

We added five new integrations this month!

  • District Photo – Print on Demand
  • Loxley Colour – Print on Demand (UK)
  • Scalable Press – Print on Demand
  • 3P Logistics – Warehouse Fulfillment (UK)
  • CommerceHQ – Shopping Cart


Preparation for SmartTurn Infrastructure Changes

If you use SmartTurn, your access URL’s will soon change since your service will be migrating to a new system. But you don’t have to worry about your connection to Order Desk. We are working with SmartTurn directly and will be taking care of this for you.


Other Fixes and Upgrades

We’ve had a really busy month with new features, fixes and integrations. Check it out:

  • We’ve added the return address phone field for OneFlow.
  • Our Circle Graphics integration now support an ‘Address 2’ field.
  • We fixed La Poste tracking links.
  • We added a |capitalize filter option for template twig.
  • We updated the default ship dates for OIA Global to work better for everyone.
  • A DSCO update: we’ve added ability to check shipments manually since the webhooks aren’t quite ready to go yet.
  • Our Colorado Timberline integration received a fix for uncaught DHL shipment imports.
  • A Magento2 fix corrected positive discount values.
  • We added some fixes to ensure proper submissions for JakPrints.
  • We’ve added the ability to do set a confirm url when adding subscribers to MailChimp.
  • We added the ability to set a custom print_url for the Photo USA integration.
  • When using Aftership, we’ll do a better job  recognizing DHL shipments
  • We’ve added the ability to check shipping status more often at Fulfillrite.
  • FoxyCart now supports more than 300 items in a single order. (You know who you are!)
  • EasyPost received two updates this month: we added a setting to clarify who pays customs duties and it also now properly handles empty tracking numbers from Royal Mail.
  • An update was added to deduct stock counts when adding items through the API or directly from Order Desk (but only if you have that setting turned on in Store Settings).
  • An update for Dubow: we’re no longer sending the unneeded customer design code.
  • Our Twilio integration got some TLC and we made some updates to handle international SMS.
  • A Dream Junction update added staging support in case you’d like to do some testing.
  • Our ShipStation integration got two updates: we added cancel by rule support and we now allow for empty SKUs.
  • If you use Magento2 and need to download custom attributes, you are in luck. This feature has been added.
  • We added a new VeraCore provider: Intandem Solutions.
  • Our Shopify integration was updated so that  if an order number is in place when the order is sent from Order Desk to Shopify, it is added to the order and the whole order marked as fulfilled.
  • FTP Import updates: now handles uppercase file names and filters out apostrophes from tracking number.
  • Manual shipment imports now support carrier codes in case you’d like to pass that data when pasting to Order Desk in bulk.
  • ShipStation got an update to automatically add ship from locations if you are using Return Addresses.
  • Lots of our providers had updated their logos so we went through and got everybody updated. You might notice some fresh new integration logos in the app.

Whew! Productive month, eh? Thanks for tuning in for our monthly update. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are excited to hear from you.

See you in April,

The Order Desk Team

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