April 2018

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Happy April, everyone! Seems like we start all of these posts by saying ‘we accomplished so much this month’ but it’s true. Our team managed to crank out over 30 features and fixes plus six new integrations. Wowza! Want to learn more about what we’ve been up to this past month? Then keep on readin’.

XLSX Import
No more wasting time converting your files into a CSV. Upload and import your XLSX or XLS files directly!

Walmart: Now Supporting Drop Ship Vendors
Previously, Order Desk could only download Walmart Marketplace orders. Now, though, if you are a Walmart Dropship Vendor, you don’t have to go the EDI route. You can now download your orders directly from Order Desk. Read about DSV setup instructions here.

DST Appointment Adjustment
Your recurring appointment times will no longer be off by an hour after the next daylight savings time shift. We didn’t get this done in time for the US, but UK/EU customers are all set.

New Autocomplete Options for Variations and Checkout Data
If you go set some defaults on the Store Settings > Defaults page, we’ll use those options as autocomplete defaults when setting up variations and checkout data.

Zapier: Set Order Data Via a Zap
You can now use Zapier to create a zap to set checkout data or order metadata.

Move Rules Between Events
You can now move rules between different events to make for much easier rule management. WHA?! ?

New Sequential Number Feature
If you need to set a sequential number on your orders (even across stores) you can now do this with a rule. Reach out and we’ll be happy to help you set this up!

We also have six new integrations!

And even a few more updates…


  • Built in some automatic rate limit busting slowdowns to keep you from getting tagged.
  • If requested, we can now skip shipment carrier reporting if that works best for your store (if you’d rather let Shopify handle this for you).


  • Offers full incoterm support for customs payment preferences.
  • Added the ability to set dynamic PO Numbers.

Amazon Marketplace

  • Added support and link to buyer customization file if available.
  • Added the ability to do partial order fulfillments with partial quantities.
  • Get proper seller central links for non-US orders.
  • Set up international state abbreviations for Australia and Canada.


  • Supports bundle sync for inventory number pushing.
  • Added RM override for Royal Mail carrier on shipment submissions.

Circle Graphics

  • Get the shipment method of shipped orders if possible.

Dubow Textile

  • No longer need to add -NA to the product code for invalid sizes.
  • Added some color override fixes.

Colorado Timberline

  • Fixed the DHL Global Mail Parcel Standard code.


  • Now won’t blow up with missing order status field.


  • Add better Dropbox link support.

Loxley Colour

  • Updated the Loxley Colour endpoint.


  • Allows us to override the number of orders imported per page (to download a lot of older orders).


  • Updated shipping service level code field name as required by doc update.

Dream Junction

  • Allows full SKUs to be accepted when passing in product codes.


  • Added VAT Number download support.


  • Changed up the icon for manual orders to be our logomark (the Order Desk O!).
  • Added a new action to the Rule Builder: Convert item quantities to separate items.
  • Added a new condition to the Rule Builder: current day, lets you target a specific day.
  • Shipment Import – new feature for allowing you to set the carrier via order metadata

That list was no joke (April Fools pun totally intended). Thanks for tuning in for our monthly update. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We love to hear from you!

See you in May,

The Order Desk Team

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