June 2021

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It’s been a quiet month here at Order Desk. Perhaps…too quiet? I’m kidding, we have a few exciting updates to tell you about. We’re continuing to grow as a company and currently have a Business Development Coordinator role open. Do you know someone who you think would be a good fit for Order Desk? If so, send them our way. Where can they can apply? Right on our Careers Page.

Keep reading to see what else is new at Order Desk this month!

Integration Features & Updates

Shopping Carts

If you need to delay your order imports through the WooCommerce integration for a few minutes, we’ve got a feature that will wait an extra 15 minutes to allow for changes or upsells to orders in the cart. If you want this feature applied to your Order Desk store, respond to this email, and our support team will help you out.

Print on Demand

Additional order level options that can be set as checkout data or order metadata were included for:

  • Alexander’s Print Advantage: Use shipMethod for undocumented shipping methods if Alexander’s has instructed you to do so. Details here.

Additional item level options that can be set as variations or item metadata were included for:

  • Miami Sublimation: Use designer_comment to send a note or specific requirements about the item being ordered to Miami Sublimation. Details here.
  • Alexander’s Print Advantage: Use bundle_key when items need to be bundled together. Details here.
  • Harrier: Up to four artwork files are now accepted when formatted as print_url_1 through print_url_4. Details here.
  • White Label MFG: stitch_count, stitch_count_tier, design_id, tech_pack and color_count are all now accepted at the item level. Details here.


Use the Shipment Import Delay setting in ShipStation to tell Order Desk to wait a a set amount of time, from 5 minutes to 12 hours, before importing shipment information. You can use a delay like this to void a label in ShipStation before Order Desk pulls the information and sends it back to the shopping cart or your customers. Details here.

If you’d rather use the EasyPost tracking page than the carrier’s own tracking page with your shipment information, enable Use EasyPost Tracking Links in the integration settings. Details here.

New Integrations

Shopping Carts: Bandcamp

Also, you may have noticed this email is coming from a new face. It’s me, Patricia! I’m the new face! I started at Order Desk in April, and you’ll be seeing more of me in support when you write in with questions. I’d love to meet you and learn more about your business. Feel free to respond to this email with your favorite thing to do in the time you save by using Order Desk! Extra points if you have a unique hobby like uphill skiing. ?

See you next month,

Patricia and The Order Desk Team

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