December 2019

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Take a deep breath… you did it! You survived Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and you’re in the home stretch to the holidays.

While you’re recovering, you can check out our new Instagram account—we’re @orderdeskrules (get it?)—where we’ll be introducing our newest integrations, like this month’s Ramco Lifestyles, Bolt and BrightStores Vendor, giving you an inside look at the Order Desk team, and offering tips and tricks for using the app. You’ll still find important updates about our platform status over on Twitter.

You’re probably running out of time on your lunch break, so here’s everything else we released, updated, and fixed this month that we thought was worth mentioning:

  • The Search & Replace filter in export templates can use _EQUALS_ in the place of = if an = symbol is already used in the value to be searched or replaced. For more information and an example how this works, see the guide.
  • Order Modify import templates can update the Payment Status on existing orders.
  • Checkout data or metadata field links will be clickable in the folder view of orders.
  • Using Newgistics as the carrier code on shipments will automatically create a tracking link.
  • The Post Order JSON rule action was updated to accept Twig.
  • A bug with the Change Customer Address rule action has been fixed.
  • If you’re sending a print_url to District Photo without a file extension on the link, you can set file_extension as item metadata to tell them what type of image it is. Order Received at District Photo is a new event in the Rule Builder.
  • OPT On Demand had the same file extension feature added so you can use Google Drive links now. We’ve also improved the way we download OPT shipments.
  • Dream Junction accepts print_width, print_height, print_xoffset and print_yoffset with items. Details here.
  • If you have Download Extra Item Details enabled in the BigCommerce integration, it can pull in the variant data for UPC/MPN/Cost.
  • For orders sent to CustomGateway, the customer phone number will be sent as the shipping phone number if one isn’t provided. We’ve put a lot of work into making sure CustomGateway tracking numbers are properly pulled into Order Desk for multiple different scenarios.
  • Shopify weights will have have better rounding, so, for example, .9954 will simply be 1.0.
  • Foxy wasn’t pulling in orders with more than 300 items, so we adjusted how we look at the orders and will take two extra looks to pull in orders with up to 900 items.
  • The Logiwa integration was updated to use their new API, and the inventory sync feature was improved.
  • The option to sync inventory was added to the TradeGecko integration.
  • Dubow can send item-level shipment updates so order can be fulfilled with more than one shipment.
  • DHL Standard shipping method was added to PDR.
  • InterestPrint was updated to use webhooks so you’ll get shipment details quicker.
  • If you need to send an alternate order number to ShipStation, use a checkout data field called AlternateOrderID.
  • BrightStores improved how they receive shipments, so we’ve updated our integration to support this.
  • Hot Topic was added as a CommerceHub vendor.
  • Walmart orders will show the Required Ship Date and Delivery Date Fields in the order metadata to be used or referenced in Order Desk.
  • DHL Sweden was added to Ongoing WMS, the shipment check is more efficient, and items that shouldn’t be picked can have NotPicked set on them. Details here.
  • UPS Mail Innovations was added to Falcon Fulfillment.
  • The return address used on EasyPost labels can be customized on a per order basis. Details here.

See you next time,
The Order Desk Team

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