November 2019

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You found your way to Order Desk because it saves you time, which is why we make an effort to inform you about these new features, and October was full of them!


Our first highlight is one that gives you more control over your inventory. If you have multiple Order Desk stores, you can now push your inventory from one store to another and keep those products synced. Also, if you think custom buttons are useful, then you might have noticed that having too many can clutter the page. This new dropdown feature, which lets you organize them, is all for you.

New Integrations

Fulfillment services Logiwa, Ongoing WMS and NetSuite were added, as was 3dCart to import your orders, and you’ll see that Precision Crystal and a rebooted Printed Mint are the latest print additions.

Shipping Updates

Without a moment to spare before the holidays, there were a lot of shipping improvements made. You can add package dimensions to orders for ShipStation, use EEL PFC values in Canada with EasyPost, carrier info sent to BigCommerce will be more accurate, partial shipments from FedEx Supply Chain won’t cause headaches if any items are skipped the first time around, and Etsy has a special setting to send yourself a BCC on shipment notifications, which we can enable on your store if you want.


That’s not all! Turns out Shopify allows multiple shipping methods on an order (we don’t get it either), so, in response, Order Desk will be able to choose one over the other. If you need this, we can show you how it works. Walmart surprised us with an unexpected FedEx shipment code causing mayhem. We cleaned that up, and while we were there we improved how we check their errors, too.

Other Integration Specific Updates

Squarespace is easier to connect to and will notify Order Desk about canceled orders. CommerceHub can accept inventory reports for bundles and replaced SKUs, and their orders can be canceled from Order Desk. And (we’re sensing a theme) VeraCore orders can be canceled from Order Desk, but the CancelOrder permission must be added to the API user in VeraCore for it to work. Houzz will bring in discounts, Magento got its own country filter, and check the rule builder for a new SPOD event for out of stock notices. Custom Gateway was upgraded to API version 2.2, which comes with the ability for all status updates to show in the order history.

Bug Fixes

Speaking of which, if you noticed the order history API search wasn’t working, that’s been fixed, as has a Dropbox link problem with InterestPrint, the inventory sync for B2B/Canada NewEgg, and a bug where a custom return address without a name prevented the address from working.

Order Desk Updates

New native Order Desk options include the ability to hide prices from reports, use the folder_name Twig value which can be referenced in rules, exported files can be sent with the full or abbreviated state name, and tracking URLs will be created for PostNord/PostDK. Mostly, though, we made background improvements to speed up the system. If you didn’t even notice, that means they’re working!


Our hope is that you find value in this monthly update and are learning new ways Order Desk can help your business with as little impact on the hours in your day as possible.

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