August 2018

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Happy August! July has been one of our busiest and most productive months in who-knows-how-long; seriously, just wait ‘til you see everything we did this month. We also added a new face to the Order Desk team. Ready to learn all about it? Let’s do this!

Meet Dan!

In July, we welcomed Order Desk’s newest team member, Dan Schenker. Dan brings with him years of experience in support and social media at a high profile SaaS company. In his own (third-person) words, “Dan was born in the same small town in northern New Jersey as Janeane Garofalo, and that’s about the only thing that links them together. A husband and dad, he spends his professional life working in the internet industry and as a photographer. His dog, Pepper Potts, is a beagle chihuahua mix that naps 90% of the day.”

We’re really excited to have Dan on the team. Feel free to give him a warm welcome (if that’s your thing).

• • •

New Integrations

We built seven new integrations this past month. Check them out in your dashboard today!

• • •

Shopify Inventory Updates

If you are a Shopify user, you’re likely aware of their pending location inventory change. This month we launched our support for their new API requirements. Not everyone’s inventory was stored at the location that was expected, so we ran into a few bugs initially. We made updates to save the proper location ID for inventory stock updates that failed the first time and everything should be working as intended. ?

• • •

Application Updates and Bug Fixin’

  • New Rule Actions
    • you can now set the fulfillment name from a rule
    • you can now remove the last 4 digits of a US postal code with a rule if needed
  • Appointment Processing
    • fixed the bug that was causing some appointments to incorrectly set the renew time
    • added new, longer retry times (now we’ll retry up to a whole day)
  • Import Templates
  • Export Template Processor
    • added an option to process filename requests with Twig for more custom display options
    • added ability to display number of included orders in the filename
  • Other
    • fixed bug when rule conditions searched for the existence of negative discount codes
    • parsing email imports – lowercase the file extension when searching (ex: .txt vs .TXT)
    • when doing webhook submissions, added the ability to send data as part of the body vs just a form parameter

  • Amazon Marketplace
    • added an “order canceled” event
    • when sending shipments, we increased our time buffer to make sure we don’t report shipments too early (otherwise Amazon rejects them)
    • use the original_quantity field (if available) to ensure no errors when submitting shipments
    • added the shipping and delivery date requirements to the order metadata
  • ShipBob
    • you can now download multiple pages of inventory
  • OneFlow
    • added better support for stock items with no images or local files
  • DTG2Go
    • on the fly conversion of PDF packing slips to JPG files for proper submission
    • set MerchantCustom fields automatically on submission (ability to display custom data on an order with metadata or checkout data)
  • Shopify
    • you can now save product tags (which is really handy for splitting by tag, if needed, in your store)
    • when sending orders, you can now set Financial Status
    • improved efficiency when filtering out orders by vendor
    • added the ability to set currency on order export
    • rolled out our new location support (more info in the previous section)
  • Magento2
    • added a feature to start getting custom product settings (variations)
  • Dropbox
    • fixed a bug where custom item field names weren’t being honored
  • Colorado Timberline
    • added new shipment method options for DHL Bestway
  • SSI
    • added new option for sending in a DesignKey field
  • AfterShip
    • filter out untrackable Amazon carriers with carrier codes
  • T-Shirt & Sons
    • improved functionality on the T&S screen printing tool we debuted last month
  • Loxley
    • added new functionality to ship to many more countries
  • BigCommerce
    • added retry logic to lower the number of rate limit errors we see
  • ShipStation
    • improved the way we submit Carrier Code and Service Code values
  • Magento
    • you can now save the customer message if it comes in on Pending order status updates
    • added option to filter incoming orders by Store ID
  • Troupe Jewelry
    • improved webhook shipment processing
  • EasyPost
    • allowed discounts to be spread out over the individual items in a customs declaration
    • you can set the Shipment ID in the order metadata for all printed orders
  • Catalyst Fabric Solutions
    • standardized carrier codes on shipment pull
    • added PO Number standardization and options
  • Walmart DSV
    • better handles the known bug regarding shipment error when posting for multiple line items
  • Gooten
    • duplicate order submissions are now a thing of the past ?
  • Jondo
    • now better supports automatic shipping method downgrades for different zones
    • added customer logo on order by order basis
  • Circle Graphics
    • added PO Number standardization and options
  • MWW on Demand
    • added PO Number standardization and options
  • Spoke Custom
    • added PO Number standardization and options

Have a question about something we mentioned? We’d love to hear from you – send us an email and we’ll be happy to help.

See you in September,

The Order Desk Team

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