July 2018

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Hello, hello! How are you? Can you believe 2018 is already half over? Us either!

We’ve got several new and exciting integrations and features to share this month so let’s not waste any time. You ready?

Five New Integrations

Our team built five new integrations this month! They include a new shopping cart (Selz), three new print-on-demand providers (Kokolo, LA Sublimation, and PMI), and one new CRM (Klaviyo). See them all in your dashboard today!

• • •

Create Custom Buttons

We now have the ability to create custom buttons which will allow you to do all sorts of custom stuff (or even a whole string of custom things from a single button press). Use a button to re-queue custom script processing or whatever your heart desires. Learn more here and check it out in your store here.

• • •

Duplicate Import Templates

Save yourself the time and energy of recreating templates! Now you can duplicate them with one click. Head over to your import templates to see this in action.

• • •

Search Order History With Advanced Search

Our Advanced Search feature just got even more handy. You can now use it to search order history! This is really helpful if you’d like to find certain orders that were submitted to an integration or orders that were moved to a certain folder or tagged a certain color. Try it out for yourself and learn more about advanced search here.

• • •

Additional Updates

  • We have a new rule action – Merge Items With Same SKU for when you need to combine separate line items that have the same SKU
  • We added some rule reference logging to allow for easier rule debugging. There’s a little icon on some of the order history items that show what rule kicked off the process
  • AfterShip: will now send email errors when tracking couldn’t be added
  • Artsy Couture: added ability to send custom packing slips
  • BigCommerce: added the ‘Partial Refund’ order download status
  • Catalyst: added Endicia to the list of available shipping classes
  • Cimpress: started checking for missing print_sku values
  • Colorado Timberline: updated UPSMI carrier to be UPS; we also added some new color codes
  • Dubow: added ‘date to ship’ and ‘date drop dead’ options
  • EasyPost: added rule-based label purchase; we now support twig in the custom message and invoice number fields
  • Harrier: added alternate FTP server options on setup and also limited order number size to keep big long order numbers from causing a problem
  • Magento: added ability to download orders with VAT pricing
  • PhotoUSA: since email addresses are required, we allowed a backup email address to be used on submission
  • ShipStation: added rate limiting avoidance techniques; we also started showing store IDs in dropdown menu; added the ability to mark orders as ‘On Hold’
  • Shipwire: added the ability to set carrier code, shipping account, and billing type via checkout data
  • Shopify: made some updates to prepare for inventory location updates
  • SmartyStreets: made some updates to better process some of the outputs
  • Tshirt & Sons: built a screenprinting tool
  • VeraCore: added Wannemacher Logistics to our list of available warehouses
  • Walmart DSV: added checkout data for requested carrier and added more order-status download options
  • ZenDesk: reorganized filters for better customer matching via email

Thanks for tuning into another monthly update. If you have any questions or comments about anything we mentioned, we’d love to hear from you. Here’s to making the second half of the year even better!

See you in August,

The Order Desk Team

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