September 2018

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Happy September! Q4 is almost upon us and Order Desk is ready. Are you?

We have had a record-breaking month of new integrations. We’ve also got a number of new fixes to share. Let’s just jump right in, shall we?

We have 12 (yes, we said twelve) new integrations!


  • Zazzle (download orders for makers)
  • MRPEasy (download customer orders)
  • SPS Commerce (downloading POs)


  • MINC

Print on Demand

  • SameDay
  • Faya
  • Pic the Gift
  • Super Mega Awesome Case Company (SMACC)
  • Artsadd
  • DisruptSports
  • Custom Happy

Hats off to our developers for their hard work this month! ?

• • •

Order Lookup Function

We’ve made some updates to improve our template builder. Using the new order lookup feature at the bottom of a template, you’re now able see all the available tags in a sidebar and copy them to the clipboard. ?

• • •

Updates, Updates, Updates.

Integration-Specific Fixes:


  • improved functionality for VAT pricing
  • improved the way we skip extra configurable items
  • improved state/status importing


  • allowed for easier connections for sites without names/titles
  • now handle improperly entered connection URLs more intelligently ?
  • added a feature to skip wallee_redirected status orders

Dream Junction

  • added USPS carrier options


  • added a feature to skip charge downloads (to download only orders)


  • improved the fulfillment functionality and made it more reliable


  • improved the new packing slip functionality

Amazon Marketplace

  • added better logging with the shipment submission response from Amazon
  • allow for paging when searching for older feed details


  • now supports more webhook notification formats

Spoke Custom

  • fixed a return address field
  • improved the way we set manual shipping methods
  • improved how we send order numbers with non-numeric characters


  • updated the location check when sending fulfillment to ensure that we have the proper location_id value
  • improved the error messaging you’ll receive when a fulfillment couldn’t be added
  • added better support for orders where there’s no name


  • now automatically converts some invalid custom shipping carrier codes


  • increased the size of our API key box to handle their (new and improved) longer API keys – if that isn’t an easy win, we don’t know what is!

Amazon FBA

  • now if we try to deliver Priority internationally and it is not available, we will try again with Expedited ?
  • we’ll now send the customer phone number, if available

Other Fixes and Improvements:

  • we fixed a very odd data import bug that was affecting incoming JSON fields for CSV imports
  • two updates to Import Templates: we added a price adjustment feature and added a LITERAL-HEADER-QUOTES feature
  • the Export Template processor received an update: we added ORDER-DETAILS-ONCE custom parameter –  this means you can use twig formatting and it’s become much more flexible
  • we now sync specific order items with shipments for MWW and Circle Graphics
  • reports can also now be grouped by order metadata
  • we added a new rule action: Set Email Address
  • adding order note via the API will now trigger the Order Note Added event
  • when you add a new order manually, we now allow empty names when creating new orders (as long as you entered a code/sku)
  • Artsy Couture and OPT OnDemand (formerly OP Tiger) rebranded – see their new logos in the print on demand tab in the app

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

See you in October,

The Order Desk Team

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