If you’ve ever registered your own domain name, you know it can be a pain. It’s especially frustrating if the vision you have for your brand isn’t complete without the domain name you want.

We understand this all too well, and have answered a lot of questions in the past about why we chose orderdesk.me for our domain. Well, here’s the real story of why that happened, how we finally acquired orderdesk.com, and what this new change means for you.

In the beginning…

Back in the early days, David’s vision for the brand was to use the Order Desk name.


Our founder David, circa 1842

orderdesk.com was already taken and had been for some time, but it didn’t appear to be used for anything. With a few other options available, David ultimately settled on orderdesk.me because it was short and to the point.

However, orderdesk.com was always the goal. Several attempts to contact the owner went without any response, but then during the week of our retreat, we discovered that the owner had finally put it up for sale. We knew that contacting the owner ourselves would have weakened our bargaining position, so we used a mediator to negotiate a price. It took a few back and forths, but we were surprised when they eventually accepted one of our offers.

We had finally snagged orderdesk.com.

Moving forward…

How does the upcoming transition to this new name impact you?

The good news it, it really doesn’t impact you. These changes are behind the scenes, and the Order Desk platform will otherwise stay the same.

You won’t have to remember the new domain name or change any of your bookmarks, as we’ve set up a permanent redirect that will route you from orderdesk.me to orderdesk.com.

This is already live now, as a matter of fact. Take a look at the URL for this post in your address bar. What does it say? Still don’t believe us? Go ahead and try visiting orderdesk.me. Spoiler alert: you can’t.


There’s no escape.

We’ve also applied this to help.orderdesk.com, apidocs.orderdesk.com, and have switched all our email addresses over to orderdesk.com. If you’re so used to emailing us at .me that it’s deeply ingrained in your mind, or if you just have a general fondness for our classic domain name, then don’t fret your emails will still continue to reach us if you happen to use our old addresses.

We do still have some work ahead of us, with more changes to the rest of our services (like app.orderdesk.me) transitioning to orderdesk.com gradually over the next few months, so we’re not done yet. We’ll let you know if there are any other important updates to share about this change, but rest assured, this will be the only blog post about us buying a new domain name.