June 2019

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Guess what? We have a blog!

Actually, we’ve always had a blog ? but we’re giving it a fresh start and adding new content aimed to help you and your business.

Check out our most recent posts:

Tales from the Order Desk Retreat & What it Means for You
This inaugural post is a recap of our company retreat. We talk about some of the work we did while we were away. Some of the shenanigans we got into are mentioned as well.

Why Do All My Amazon Orders Have Weird Phone Numbers?
Have you noticed your Amazon orders coming in with the same (415) phone number in the customer details? This is due to a recent change Amazon made. We explain what’s going on and how we are handling it.

Introducing orderdesk.com
Way to bury the lede, right? Our biggest update this month has .me thinking that .you may have noticed we are now orderdesk.com. This was an important acquisition for us. See what it means in this post.

Updates and Fixes

  • We cleaned up some of the language in the Store Settings menu so it’s a little more intuitive. What does normalize capitalization even mean, anyway? You can see those changes in your store, or take a look at them here.
  • Rejection is always hard, so we’ve been working on how we handle errors from ShipStation. We’re trying not to take it personally. Sometimes we just want different things out of life, ya know?
  • Shipment notifications can be sent back to SPS Commerce if required.
  • The Shopify tax rate can be set individually per line item. If you need this enabled on your account, let us know.
  • If you work with Dubow, you’ve got two new options. One, Order Desk can build your print_sku for you as long as you have the right product code in your print_sku field and the right variations set on the item. Two, you can build your own print_sku out of the product code and variations. In fact, if you want to do that, we trust you, so we made it possible this month. Set print_sku_override|1 on your items to tell Order Desk to shoo and let you do your own work.
  • Order Desk had a big training montage so it’s stronger, faster, and smarter about variation and metadata matching. Unpacked: items with more than one preview image should be showing up in DTG2Go without any mixups now.
  • The shipping class match feature got an upgrade so it won’t get tripped up by weird little edge cases.
  • Productiv is now a supplier option that can be used with our VeraCore integration.
  • Go to your Store Settings page. Hover your cursor over the area around “Store Settings” at the top of the page. ??
  • WooCommerce is the latest recipient of our new inventory location filter, letting you determine what orders should be imported into Order Desk. In case you missed it, here’s how it works.
  • The Amplifier integration now supports shipments without tracking information. ?
  • If you like exploring everything your keyboard has to offer and have email addresses longer than 50 characters, you’ll now be able to tell us what those addresses are in your Store Settings. Don’t get too carried away (unless you really want to, because nothing’s stopping you now.)
  • The connection process for Fujifilm has been improved. Let’s see how that develops. ?
  • Service level shipping methods have been added to FedEx Supply Chain.
  • Phone numbers on Amazon Marketplace orders are being shortened to under 20 characters. You know, like we mentioned in that blog post above that you definitely didn’t scroll right past.
  • Jondo Global has a few new updates. Pencils at the ready? ?
    • You can see your user ID in the integration settings.
    • When in Production mode, you can still send test orders to Jondo. To do this, set testmode|1 as either checkout data or order metadata before submitting the order, and they will know not to send it to production.
    • A return address name can now be set on orders before sending them to Jondo. To do this, set ReturnAddress|Hedwig (replace Hedwig with the name you need to use) as checkout data or order metadata. You can also do this with a rule if it needs to be different for each order.
    • Your artwork files can be converted from PDF to JPG. If you need this, let us know and we’ll enable it on your store.
  • If you use Gooten, you’re going to love this time saving trick. As long as the item SKU in your shopping cart matches the one you set up on the product you created in Gooten, Order Desk will send the order right to Gooten and match up the right products there. This means you don’t have to add your inventory to Order Desk with all the print details. Check out the Gooten guide for details.
  • We’ve got one TwoFlow two OneFlow updates to share. One, notes (such as gift messages) can be added to individual items. Set them up as item metadata fields called print_note_1, print_note_2 and so on. Two, you’ll see a new supplier in the integration: Superior Packaging & Finishing.
  • Support for CustomCat’s new Embedded DPI feature has been added, which gives you the option to use an image’s original DPI instead of adopting CustomCat’s default of 300 DPI. This can be enabled in your CustomCat integration settings.
  • Everyone seems really happy that orders can be merged together, so we added a cherry on top. In the Rule Builder action that merges orders, there’s a new optional field where you can set a checkout data or metadata field name that also must match for the order to merge.
  • Shipment notifications being sent to Walmart are more reliable.
  • The PDR integration has more frequent appointment options for pulling in your inventory files.

That’s what we’ve got for May! Also, we know of at least one baby named Order Desk, so we’d like to apologize now that they can’t register their own domain name.

Anyway, see you next month!
The Order Desk Team

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