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Whether you’re a new-to-Order-Desk-customer or you’ve been with us a while, you’ll know the main aim of our game is to reduce manual intervention to save you time! Time you can use to continue expanding your business, or perhaps doing something for yourself (I’d have a nap, but that’s just me!).

With that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to a few of our time saving integrations that can do the heavy lifting for you (think automatically updating invalid addresses to the correct ones, sending you notifications of failed or imported orders and creating spreadsheets from orders you receive in Order Desk) – once connected to your Order Desk store.

Each of these integrations counts towards your total connected integrations, so if you’re on the Starter plan keep in mind you can have up to three at once. On our other subscriptions, your integration count is limitless.


The first integration of note is Slack. As the backbone of our work conversations that are collaborative, work-focused, and fun here at Order Desk (not to mention a GIF hub), Slack integrates with Order Desk directly, allowing you to set up Rules to send notifications to channels (e.g., when you receive an order, or a particular type of order), and to individual users themselves.

The options are many, and integrating with Slack is just another way of making your order management process even more seamless and efficient.

For example, you could yourself a heads up every time you receive an order with a high fraud risk from Shopify by creating a channel called #flaggedorders. With the Slack integration, you’ll be able to get instant notification from Order Desk when an order of that type is received.

You could also opt to send an automated message to a colleague in charge of handling all orders bound for a certain area code or warehouse by setting up a rule to alert them to an order of that type landing in your Order Desk store.


Smarty (formerly SmartyStreets) is another useful tool that takes the guesswork out of figuring out issues in order addresses. Once connected to your Order Desk store, Smarty verifies the address in the orders you receive from your shopping cart to ensure there are no discrepancies that might cause it to fail on submission to your third party fulfillment service, or shipping provider.

We receive a fair number of emails from customers wondering why an address is incorrect on an order, or why the submission is failing when the address looks a-OK! With Smarty you can use the Rule Builder to automatically verify all addresses on orders that come into Order Desk, or you can have it set to manual verification instead—it’s up to you.

If an address fails, you’ll receive a notification to the email address registered with your Order Desk store so that you can take action on the order (e.g., emailing the customer to find out their address details if necessary, editing the address from the order itself or adding a bit more information) so you can resubmit it to get the order where it needs to be!


By connecting your Order Desk store and Zapier you unlock countless automation options and connections. Use Zapier’s “Zaps” with free services like Google Sheets to add Order Desk orders as rows in a spreadsheet, create sales receipts in QuickBooks Online from new orders, and even add new subscribers to Mailchimp and/or Klaviyo from orders you receive in Order Desk.

Use Zapier to connect to the likes of Xero, making your end-of-year accounting that much easier to keep track of, to Trello for collaboration on orders with your team, to Stripe for payments, or even Salesforce if that’s your CRM tool of choice.

You can set up your own custom Zaps or use one of the existing options to store order as well as customer information, keep track of sales figures and… well, the opportunities are boundless.

If you’re interested in finding out more about these productivity apps check out our integration guides, or send us an email via Support so we can steer you in the right direction to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Order Desk experience.

Note: You’ll need to set up accounts to use these services. Some may potentially be free with limited features, or a full, paid subscription or plan. These are outside and in addition to Order Desk store costs and order fees.

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