About Shopify

Shopify connects a global hub of sellers with shoppers through an app that has the capability to facilitate the creation of a website, sale, delivery and payment of goods. Their marketplace spans across a variety of product categories including food & drink, beauty & cosmetics, jewelry and home & garden. All while providing sellers with powerful marketing tools focused on the increasing engagement and conversion of shoppers.

Using Shopify With Order Desk

Order Desk gives you the ability to automate your order management process. By importing your Shopify orders, you'll be able to split, filter and organize your orders, then automatically send them to your fulfillment services that create, store, and ship your products. You have hundreds of integrations to choose from as well as unlimited options for other third party services.


  • Check Shopify periodically for new orders
  • Sync tracking numbers and inventory counts back to Shopify when orders are fulfilled through third-party services
  • Enable automatic order downloading into Order Desk
  • Automatically skip certain SKUs from being submitted
  • Manually import inventory items and orders
  • Specify a time delay before orders are downloaded
  • Choose which orders from Shopify you want Order Desk to download based on their financial, fulfillment and order progression status

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To learn more about Shopify, visit their website here.