Order Desk All-Stars: The Top 5 Shopping Cart Integrations of 2021

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Illustration by Dan Valenzuela for Order Desk

Whether you’re in the market for a new shopping cart for your store, or you’re just curious to see what the most popular integrations of the year were, this year we crunched the numbers and decided to figure out which five shopping carts our customers used the most in 2021. Welcome to the inaugural Order Desk All-Stars!

#5: BigCommerce

Offering a robust range of services, BigCommerce is a force to be reckoned with in the world of ecommerce! You can easily manage your products across many different marketplaces across the web, along with tools to help your businesses grow. They also have a team of experts available that will help you set your vision up for success.

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#4: Amazon Marketplace

“From A to Z” indeed, there’s no denying how revolutionary Amazon has been in their ambition to get you the products you need (and let’s be honest–the fun stuff that you don’t need too). Amazon enables sellers to reach a wide audience on one of the world’s most popular websites, whether your products are being sold domestically or internationally.

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#3: Etsy

Etsy is a gold mine for unique products and gifts for you and your loved ones, with an emphasis on providing a place for sellers to list their one-of-a-kind items from around the world. In a world where mass-produced products dominate the market, Etsy celebrates where it all began: the handcrafted work of small business owners.

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#2: eBay

By far one of the largest auction sites on the web, eBay has become one of the top destinations for great deals and rarities. Whether you’re looking to sell off items you’ve collected throughout the years, or you’re building a business around their platform of bids, offers, and buys, eBay has become a quick and accessible avenue for selling your products online.

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#1: Shopify

If you’re building an online store and you’re in the market for a heavy hitter, look no further. Shopify is at bat, and ready to knock it out of the park! The bat would also probably shatter into a million shards of wood like in the climax of a baseball movie, they’re that powerful.

There’s a reason why Shopify is the most popular shopping cart integration–the streamlined range of features and services they offer are hard to match, providing the tools you need to build a store of any size, online or offline. If you’re looking for the standard in selling products in 2021, look no further.

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And with that, we’ve wrapped up our first ever Order Desk All-Stars for shopping carts! It’ll be interesting to see how (or even if) this list will change in 2022, as the services we’ve listed here have all been outstanding performers in their own right. It’s also worth noting that Order Desk is compatible with all five of these top marketplaces, so if you have any questions about our integrations, go ahead and drop us a line.

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