December 2021

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably in your most profitable season, but the last few weeks of the year can still be especially stressful for a business. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you get through it, and we’ll keep this month’s newsletter nice and short for you. Sorry if you were hoping to take a long break to read it!

Also, be sure to read to the end to catch our new “Spotlight On…” segment, where we’ll cover the different ways filters can be used to customize rules in the Rule Builder!

Integration Features & Updates

Shopping Carts

Additional Vendor options are available in CommerceHub for BJ’s, Best Buy, and QVC. Use Inventory Whitelist Required if you’d like to filter which of these vendors should have inventory synced from your Order Desk store. .

Print on Demand

Additional item level options that can be set as checkout data or order metadata for:

  • Pic the Gift: Six print_urls are now accepted when formatted as print_url_x. .
  • District Photo: Use page_quantity to specify how many pages are in your print file for books. .
  • Miami Sublimation: Use backend_url as an item reference that links to the item within the backend. .
  • Sensaria: Circle Graphics has a new name! Your existing settings, connections, and appointments remain unchanged.


Additional order level options that can be set as checkout data or order metadata for:

  • Complemar: Use PackingSlip to include the URL for the PDF to be included as the packing slip with the order. .


Additional order level options that can be set as checkout data or order metadata for:

  • ShipHero: Use ShopName to specify the shop name you want your orders to have in ShipHero. .

Spotlight on…Rule Filters

When you’re looking to add more automation to your store, the can be used to tell Order Desk how you’d like us to take action on certain orders or order items.

If you want a rule to only run on specific orders or order items, you would use filters to tell Order Desk what to look for. For instance, if you want your rule to only run on orders that contain items with the Item Name “Red Shirt” you would create a filter that looks like this:

Item Name > Equals > Red Shirt

Another example would be if want to make sure your rule only works on orders that are being shipped to one of a specific group of countries, you would use this filter:

Shipping Country > In List > US,AT,HK

Multiple filters can also be used in one rule, and are linked using either AND or OR, which might look like this:

Item Name > Equals > Red Shirt


Shipping Country > In List > US,AT,HK

Those filters would work together and your rule would run on any order where the Item Name is “Red Shirt” and the Shipping Country is either in the US, AT, or HK.

Check out for more info on how you can use filters in your rules.

We wish you a safe, successful, and joyful end of the year. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us by responding to this email or contact .

See you in 2022!

Patricia and The Order Desk Team

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