October 2019

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This month, we introduced six new integrations and made a number of other satellite improvements, but first…

The holidays are coming!

Yeah, we cringe when we hear Dominick The Donkey on the radio before Halloween too, but we’re here to remind you that it’s not too early to start talking about how Black Friday and the December holidays will impact your business.

If you’re in ecommerce (that’s you!), then you’re probably expecting a sales boost. We’re here to help you get ready for the holiday rush and handle any changes you’re planning to make before then. Don’t wait until the last minute to ask for help, because we get busier during the holidays just like you. It’s our business to save you time and stress, so if we can help you out, sooner rather than later, the Q4 rush will be a leisurely stroll down Santa Claus Lane.

Out Of This World New Features

Those of us not storming Area 51 ? were building new features for you! This month, you’ll find new shopping cart integrations with Four51 (no relation to Area 51… or is there? ?) and Printify Supplier for those suppliers who receive orders from Printify (this is not a print integration!), two new print on demand integrations (Peecho and CASE), Finale Inventory for your inventory management needs, and the payment gateway Sage Pay.

Here’s everything else you’ll find this month:

  • The WooCommerce integration has an optional new API connection. Fair warning ? this connection is not as reliable as our normal connection because it requires all recent orders to be downloaded instead of downloading by the date the order was modified (trust us, downloading by the modified date is more reliable!) We say this to let you know that even though this is a new option, we don’t recommend that you use it unless you have a good reason to. If so, and if you have questions, you can respond to this email and talk to us about it.
  • JVI has more shipping method options for UPS and FedEx. We can also beam in multiple tracking numbers for a single order.
  • The Shipwire integration got itself a test mode. You can also set ChannelName as checkout data if necessary.
  • Qualtry and embroidery are like needle and thread—they go together sew well. You can set thread color, font and personalization for your embroidery products. ?
  • If you use a third party shipping account number on your orders for VeraCore, you can also use ThirdPartyType as checkout data. You will only need to do this if your fulfillment service asks you to set a specific number for the type. When not set, the default is 4.
  • If you have Etsy orders that don’t need a tracking number when they’re fulfilled, set n/a or untracked in the tracking number field and the order will be marked as shipped in Etsy.
  • Got more than one connection to the same ShipBob account in Order Desk? Make sure you’re sending tracking numbers to the right solar system by using webhook redirects. Here’s how that works.
  • Set skip_prices=1 as order metadata to set prices to 0 before sending an order to ShipStation.
  • Good news if you use Sellbrite—you can filter out unwanted Open orders based on the payment status. Details here.
  • Reports can be sorted alphabetically by SKU:

    And variations in reports can be sorted by name if you group by Product Variation Field and click on the Name header on the report to reorder the results.
  • There’s a new Twig filter that sorts the info in your email and order document (receipt) templates. Use custom_sort with the field you want to sort, for example: custom_sort(‘name’) or custom_sort(‘code’). Using desc will also work, for example: custom_sort(‘quantity’, ‘desc’).
  • ShipStation Order Import will bring in the customer phone number if one is on the order. ?☎️?
  • You can set your Trello email address in the Email Delivery Override field of an email template to have order details sent to a Trello board. Orbit you didn’t know about that! If you need help implementing this, let us know by responding to this email.
  • Add {weekdayname} to the file name of an export template and it will include the day of the week the file was exported.
  • For EasyPost labels, we’re martian forward with new options. If there is a variation or item metadata field called declared_value, that value will be used instead of the subtotal for the declared value field for shipments. Also, you can hardcode the carrier declared value, if different from the order total, for FedEx shipments using CARRIER_INSURANCE_AMOUNT as checkout data.
  • The Shopify integration was updated to support their new functionality for paging and API versioning.
  • PhotoUSA was bitten by a radioactive printer and fell into the Printer-verse. You’ll see their new brand around Order Desk as Printverse now. ?
  • We helped Catalyst out by updating how we send PRESHIP details so their system can access your x-files.

UF-Oh No

Things go wrong sometimes: that’s not an alien concept. Luckily we didn’t see too many errors in September. ? We fixed the ones we sighted and made some other small changes too:

  • BigCommerce per-address taxes should be working now.
  • The partial refund rule action got an update so it’ll, you know… work. ??
  • If you tried to cancel an order at Jondo Global through Order Desk and were told that it failed, that was an unidentified failing object. ?It’s been fixed.
  • Magento2 is better equipped to pull in product attributes.
  • A bug affecting the incoming customer billing addresses for Shipstation Order Import has been zapped.

See ya next time!
The Order Desk Team

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