May 2019

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It’s been a busy month around here, and we have a lot of updates to share, but first, we wanted to let you know that we’re going on a little adventure.

Limited Support May 6th-10th

The Order Desk team lives and works all over the place, so for the week of May 6th, we’ll all be converging on a top secret location for a company retreat.

We’ll still be answering some emails each day and keeping our eyes open for any emergencies, but because we only have a limited amount of time together, our support will be cut back a bit and there may be a delay in some answers.

We are setting this time aside so we can make Order Desk even better and more efficient for you! We’ll be back to our regular US business hours on May 13th.

It’s Louie!

We’ve added another Order Desk team member, and his name isn’t even Dan!

As a Pacific Northwest native, Louie has a healthy admiration and fear of sunshine. He loves to get out, rain or shine, to enjoy a hike through the stunning Oregon trails or the concrete curbs of Portland, Oregon. Since he doesn’t drink coffee, Louie tends to order tea (even though he would rather just get a hot chocolate), while he catches up with friends on wild and speculative fan theories for many beloved franchises.

Feature Highlight

We’ve got two big new features this month. First, you can now merge orders in Order Desk! This guide will walk you through your options for doing that.

Second, we know that sometimes you don’t want all of your orders in Order Desk, however most shopping carts don’t provide a native way to filter products in orders. If you are using Shopify or BigCommerce, this hasn’t been a problem, but we have a few dozen more shopping cart integrations that are being used, too.

We came up with a solution for this and have rolled it out for Etsy to start. If it goes well, we’ll add it to more shopping carts in the future.

In the Etsy integration, you’ll now see an Inventory Location Filter. For this to work, make sure your inventory items are added to Order Desk, and add a name of your choice (usually the vendor) to the Location field:

Set this same name in the Inventory Location Filter in the Etsy integration:

When importing orders from Etsy, Order Desk will check the SKUs on the items and only import the SKUs if they have the same location set in the item in Order Desk as you have listed in the filter. More details can be found here.

New Integrations

Print on Demand:
Interest Print
Tribe Socks

Shopping Carts:

Bug Fixes and Updates

  • Two huge new guides were written this month for all your rule building questions: How to Work with Rules and Rules Reference. Just don’t ask us how to tie a necktie.
  • The FedEx Supply Chain integration got some work under the hood so it will be better at downloading inventory and handling shipments.
  • The rule action to Abbreviate State or Region has been improved. This works for addresses in the US, CA, AU and NZ. Any states or regions in these countries will be changed to their two letter abbreviation.
  • For extra punctual merchants, there’s now a condition in the Rule Builder to target the current minute. It’s like when you were in school and watched the clock to see how much time was left in class, only this time it’s not because you’re bored and you want to go home.
  • Speaking of time, we bet you can’t wait for this one!
    In 5,

    There’s a new rule action available called, wait for it… waaaait…

    Wait a Few Seconds and Refresh Order. (Bet you didn’t see that one coming.) If you can’t stand all the suspense, you’ll find the details on that one here.
  • The admin email on your account can now accept multiple email addresses to receive store notifications. Separate each by a comma and everyone listed will get those notifications.
  • WooCommerce can now import a single order status. Not to be confused with orders that are in a relationship, or it’s complicated. ?Details here.
  • Shipwire got an upgrade to support new shipment check methods. Also, if you need to tell Shipwire which warehouse to ship an order from, set WarehouseID as checkout data or order metadata. Details here.
  • The District Photo integration supports DHL shipment methods. You can set your shipping preferences with the shipping class match in the District Photo integration.
  • ShipBob was updated to add support for Two-Day shipping. You can set your shipping preferences with the shipping class match in the ShipBob integration. If you think that second sentence was just copied from the previous update, well, it’s okay to be wrong (but please don’t scroll back up to call our bluff).
  • Import templates can now swipe left on bad dates. If your files have a date format that isn’t standard PHP, instead of importing bad info, let Order Desk be your wingman by using the date_format manual mapping field. Details here. ??
  • These days, people seem to like when their tracking URLs show the correct information, right? Well, DPD UK tracking URLs should be created properly when shipments are added now.
  • Wayfair orders will import with custom comments set as variations. And now, just like that friend who’s always there for you, Wayfair will have improved importing reliability thanks to some optimized API calls on our end.
  • We fixed a super embarrassing typo in our rule mapping instructions, and now you’ll never know what it was!
  • There was a bug affecting code replacement with Mintsoft, so we replaced some code that was replacing the correct code for code replacement. We’ve also improved notification messages when Mintsoft credentials are no good.
  • We straightened out Spoke Custom to spin a little more smoothly by automatically setting default shipping account numbers if required.
  • If you need to send the original order number to Aftership instead of a modified version of it, you can do this by setting up a rule to apply AfterShipOrderID as checkout data to your orders. This will require Twig to pull the original source ID into the checkout data field, and will only work on a case by case basis depending on how and when order numbers are being changed in a store. There’s probably a pun we can add to this one, but we’ll add it Aftership.
  • The Mintsoft integration was feeling chatty, so now it can communicate your inventory back into Order Desk. Details here.

That’s all for May! After tomorrow, we’ll see you back for normal business hours on May 13th. Try not to miss us too much!

The Order Desk Team

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