April 2019

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First came shopping carts. Then print on demand and fulfillment. Now, we’re thrilled to announce our latest integration category: restaurants! Link Order Desk to your favorite restaurant services and order late night food (or anytime food) right here in the app. Just call us Hors D’oeuvre Desk.

New Integrations

New Features, Updates and Bug Fixes

  • (Daydream) Believe it or not ? you can now select OSM as your default shipping carrier for The Dream Junction.
  • Previously Burger Thyme was fulfilling french fry orders without frying them first, this has now been resolved. Cheese will also be delivered with the burger, rather than at a later date.
  • Catalyst can now accept FedEx Intl Priority Shipping Option. Don’t forget to set up your shipping class matches when you use a fulfillment integration, otherwise they may not know what shipping methods you want them to use and could go with something more expensive than you expect. ??
  • Printful now accepts up to 5 designs from Order Desk. High 5! ✋
  • Fixed a bug with Burger Thyme that replaced mayonnaise with whipped cream as a burger topping. This mayo result in better imports.
  • Unrelated, we creamed another bug that replaced whipped cream with mayonnaise at Citizen Cone. Ew.
  • Hey Shopify merchants! In case you missed our previous email and social media posts, a tear in the space-time continuum caused Shopify to send old orders from the past into services like Order Desk as if they were brand new. Yeeeeah, we went ahead and cancelled the apocalypse by implementing a First Import Date filter, which prevents orders before this date from importing.
  • WooCommerce got that First Import Date feature too, not because anything was broken but because it’s a good’un.
  • Walmart updated their API connection methods for US Marketplace, so we updated our integration to keep it working for you. Checkmate, Walmart. ♟️
  • The BigCommerce integration learned how to abbreviate states in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, in addition to the US (which it already did). But if it really wants to impress us, it will learn how to parallel park.
  • Do you like parties? Because Qualtry now supports third-party shipping. ✨?✨
  • You can now send your artwork files as PDFs to JustVisionIt. We’ve also improved multi-item export functionality.
  • Citizen Cone asked us to include support for its mysterious new Rosebud flavor, so maybe we did! ?
  • Our PhotoUSA integration is camera-ready after getting some improvements.
  • CustomCat now accepts embroidery products through Order Desk. Good kitty.
  • If your store had some order importing integrations that ran for a long time, we cleaned them up to make sure they don’t trip over each other.
  • By popular demand, our Donut Warrior ? integration now has an expiration date filter so it’s no longer possible to sell donuts that are over one month old.
  • Let the spring cleaning begin! 3P Logistics got a complete refresh with a brand new API.
  • The Dubow integration can now be toggled between live and test environments.
  • There’s a new option to automatically remove barcodes from your orders before submitting them to OneFlow. You’ll see a setting called ?…Remove Barcodes in the OneFlow integration. Of course if your favorite thing in the world is manually removing them, then by all means do what you love. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • We released Newegg last month, then we pulled it, then we re-released it to meet our quality standards.
  • Now you can filter WooCommerce orders by country. And not to be left out, the Country Filter feature in the Shopify, Ecwid, Magento 2, and WooCommerce integrations got an upgrade. You can use it to include or exclude orders from specific countries. How does that work? Easy! Set it up like one of these examples:
    US,CA,MX ✅(import all orders from the US, Canada and Mexico)
    -US,-CA,-MX ? (import all orders but those from the US, Canada and Mexico)
  • We updated our integration with Pete’s Peculiar Pizza Palace since pineapple is the only supported topping now.
  • Some CustomCat products only have a single back print location. If an order for one of these products shows up in Order Desk and the artwork is in the front location, we’ll switch it to the back location to avoid confusion. Go ahead. Try to make it land on its back.
  • ShipStation was calling USPS “express_1” when they sent tracking details back to us. Now that we know that express_1 is supposed to mean USPS, we’ll translate it for you.
  • Stores with custom item sorting will also see the item sorting honored in their email templates.
  • Some folks were having trouble with their banana splits, so we revisited the drool filter to improve the split functionality.
  • Faya got some adjustments to make it work better. This update is on FAYAAA! ?
  • The option to use ShippingAccount on Centrics orders was broken. It’s working again, so you can send your third party account number with your orders. Details here.
  • FedEx Supply Chain, Wemalo, and 3BM walk into a bar. What happens? We don’t know, but at least they all have better shipment pulling support now.
  • Do you want to see our update about the MailChimp double opt-in feature? ??
    If yes, it wasn’t working before, but now it is! If no, pretend you didn’t read this.
  • New guides this month: BreadFinance (Gateway & Finance) and Origaudio, Instafreshener and FinerWorks (Print on Demand)

We’re brand new to the restaurant space, so we’d love to hear your feedback about our latest category. Tweet us @orderdeskrules and use the hashtag #fooderdesk to lettuce hear your suggestions on how you’d like to see us build this out and what restaurants you want to see integrated. We know you’re hungry!

The Order Desk Team

P.S.: If you followed the breadcrumbs this far, we hope you enjoyed your treat this month. We want to mention that Bread is very much a real service, as is our integration with them.

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