May 2018

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Hello and happy May! We’ve got a lot of exciting updates, including six new integrations, to share with you this month but first, we need to touch on a couple of important points.

New Order Desk Billing Plans

We recently changed our billing plans and sent out emails to everyone affected by these changes. In case you didn’t hear from us, we want to make sure you have this information. The Pro plan has been restructured, and we introduced a new Starter plan with a lower base cost and higher per-order fee. Plan details can be found right here. If you have any questions about the new plans, please reach out.

P.S. If you noticed that your billing changed and you didn’t get an email from us, make sure your billing contact information is up-to-date. 😉


Over the next week, we’ll be releasing some updated terms of service to fully support GDPR compliance for our European customers. At that time we’ll ask you to agree again to our terms of service. Keep your eye out for that email coming soon.

Thanks for hanging in there for those important announcements. We’ve got several new features and integrations that we’re eager to share so let’s do it!

We have six new integrations!

New Features & Fixes
  • Walmart: we added Canadian marketplace support. ??
  • Jondo: we changed the timeout value to 60 seconds to avoid some errors we’d been seeing; you can also now create JPEGs on the fly for PDF packing slips.
  • Amazon FBA: we changed the way we check for different types of Amazon Order IDs for more reliable shipment importing.
  • Bay Photo: you can now request order cancellation right from within Order Desk.
  • Jakprints: we corrected the Dropbox URL format.
  • Dubow and T-Shirt & Sons: we added some color conversion updates.
  • SmartTurn: our integration with SmartTurn broke after some updates to their system but we were able to get everything fixed and running smoothly!
  • Zift: we updated the integration to support the latest API requirements.
  • eBay: we improved the shipper matching algorithm.

And a few more updates (you know, for good measure).
  • We’ve added a sales report to allow you to download the total amount received for a sales period, including shipping, taxes, and refunds.
  • You can now adjust order prices via rule. More info here.
  • We added list of folders to templates {{ folder_list[folder_id] }}.
  • Rule conditions now allows you to search full names.
  • Billing update: we added support for our new 30-day free demo.
  • We added China Post and Poste Italiane URL tracking support.
  • We updated the XLS file import to auto-sense the imported file type.
  • We fixed export template order confirmation URLs.

That’s a wrap! Thanks for tuning in for another monthly update. If you have any questions or comments about anything we’ve mentioned, feel free to reach out.

See you in June,

The Order Desk Team

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