July 2019

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Happy July!

Welcome Ekin

Ekin joined Order Desk in June as a Senior Developer.

She lives in Izmir, Turkey, but she’s lived in Argentina and Uruguay, and her heart is still in South America. She’s a (self-defined) stereotypical Mediterranean and takes every chance to jump into the sea. She loves traveling, all sorts of musical instruments, regex crosswords, coding challenges and furry huskies!

Feel free to reply to this email and say hey if you want to welcome her!

New Integrations

Print on Demand:
Top Shelf Printers

Shopping Carts:
Bright Orders



Updates and Fixes

  • Our ongoing rollout of the Inventory Location Filter continues! ?It has now been added to Amazon, Magento, Magento 2, BrightStores, and eBay.
  • If you have the same Wemalo account connected to multiple Order Desk stores, you can set up redirects for the notification URLs. This ensures that the shipment info gets back into the correct Order Desk store. Read the guide for instructions.
  • Do you have a shipment yet? Do you have a shipment yet? PDR’s shipment check frequency has been increased. Do you have a shipment yet?
  • We’ll take a big refresh of the DTG2Go integration to go, please. It has some new features and a few under-the-hood improvements allowing it to function more like other print integrations.
  • Oneflow can now accept new print attributes. For details, see the Oneflow guide.
  • We’re always working on improving our ShipStation integration, and this month is no different. Here’s what we did:
    • ?We’ve made even more internal optimizations.
    • ❌Error messages will be a little more clear.
    • ?If you have a partner key from ShipStation, there’s now a place for it in both ShipStation Import and the regular ShipStation integration.
  • 3P Logistics now supports line item pricing and multiple currencies. The default currency is GBP, but you can change this on individual orders following the instructions here.
  • If you’re using Spoke Custom and enjoy variety, wheel, now you’ve got more shipping methods to use!
  • Great Scott! We’re back to the future with ShipHero. If you need to update your orders after they’ve been sent to ShipHero, use the new Update Order at ShipHero rule action. The best way to set this up is to create a custom button, which would look like this:
  • We noticed that getting shipments from Casestry was a real mystery, but after listening to some sad songs, going for a long walk, and indulging in some junk food, we finally cracked the case.
  • Nobody likes an oversharer but we heard that sometimes a little TMI is exactly what you need, so the Rule Builder got a new action this month to convert a state or region abbreviation to its full name.
  • If any item in an order either isn’t meant for or set up for Cimpress to print, you will now get an error telling you there’s a problem that needs to be fixed. Once taken care of, you can send the full order to Cimpress.
  • If you’re using Globegistics or Warenpost for shipments, we can now automatically generate their tracking because you deserve something nice. ?
  • We’ve improved the process of building SKUs from colors for CustomCat.
  • You now have the option to set a different source/store on orders being sent to BDLinx. The default is Order Desk, but if you need to send something different, follow these instructions.
  • Store credit from BigCommerce will now show up in the order details. You’ll see it as a discount in the order total.
  • Third-party shipping with Jondo Global got a few tweaks, so it will work even better. ?
  • We’ve updated our Stuller integration to a webhook-based system for quicker and more reliable shipment notifications.
  • Our FedEx Supply Chain integration received some improvements to help keep track of what’s in each fulfillment. That’s probably kind of important.

That’s everything for this month!
The Order Desk Team

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