August 2019

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The Rule Builder Got a Face Lift!

Over the last few months, we’ve been laser-focused on reimagining how to make the Rule Builder easier to understand so that sorting, duplicating, changing, and creating rules is much easier to do. We’ve also added some new features, like rule searching, event collapsing (if you have a lot of rules), and a trash can for deleted rules.

Custom Buttons and Custom Events are easier to create and manage, and there are new fields for filters and events so you don’t need to fuss with those confusing pipes (|) between names and values. We hope you find the new Rule Builder easier to use and that it improves your experience with Order Desk. If you have any feedback, we’d love to hear from you!

Seeing Double Seeing Double

We released a long-requested feature from our power-users: the ability to copy a store. Folders, rules, email and receipt templates, import and export templates, and store users will all be duplicated to the new store.

If you want to add a user to multiple stores, you can now do so from the Store Users page:

Here’s the full rundown of improvements and fixes from this last month:

General App Updates

  • The search tool is now more powerful than ever! The main search box can be used for ultra-fast order number searching, and general search is available from the advanced search menu (which allows the order search to be as fast as it is).
  • You’re only human (we hope), so we added a few safety features. For instance, folders and templates that have rules attached to them can’t be deleted. If you need to delete these, delete the rules first.
  • Reports can now be run on the order source:
  • Speaking of reports, we’ve added some secret ?SKU sorting options. Let us know if this is something you’d like to try out.
  • If you re-order your folders, you’ll see those changes happen in real-time in the sidebar.
  • Need to quickly remove checkout data or order metadata fields? Now you can do so with rules.
  • We’ve got new rule filters to sort by Return Address State and Return Address Country.
  • It’s the little things. ? When adding a shipment, if you add a tracking number and then press Add More Fields to Shipment, the focus will automatically be on the carrier field.
  • Added the ability to prevent prices from being split when splitting orders. Let us know if this is something you need, and we’ll hook you up.
  • A new length comparison option has been added to filters so you can take action if a certain field is longer or shorter than the number of characters you set in the value:
  • Google Chrome got pretty aggressive with their auto-fill feature, targeting some of our form fields and filling in email addresses in some ridiculous spots. We made some adjustments to keep this from happening… but come on, Google!

  • Do you have links in your checkout data? Well, now they’re clickable!
  • Have you noticed that we made some visual improvements to the app with nicer prompts and fresh icons? ✅

Integration-Specific Updates

  • ShipBob can now accept email addresses with orders, and we’ll also include a phone number if one is there. Shipments will include more details due to some improvements on how we listen for shipment info from ShipBob.
  • The Cimpress integration now supports orders containing non-customized items.
  • Amazon Marketplace has a few updates this month:
    • Shipment submissions are more reliable, and you’ll know if there are any errors or warnings when shipments are submitted.
    • We’ll be saving tax details on line items in case they’re needed for reports.
    • To help make your printing process even easier, we’re saving more item customization details.
  • There’s a new shortcut feature in the EasyPost Fulfillment integration for pulling barcodes in with your items. It’s convenient, but it does have some limitations. To learn more, you can read about it here.
  • Error messages that say very specific things like “❌Error: there was an error.” are very helpful, right? Well our WooCommerce error messages will now be more clear on connection pages so you’ll know exactly what’s up.
  • A couple quick updates for Fujifilm this month. First and most importantly, we fixed up some shipment check problems that were really…bugging…us. ? Now this integration also supports UPCs.
  • The shipment webhook feature for Spoke Custom got some improvements for more reliable shipment processing, and it will better handle empty state/region fields for international addresses.
  • Just Vision It is twice as nice this month—you can now add a second print URL on an item.
  • ?*Ring Ring*
    ?Hi! Does your OIA Global order not contain a phone number? No? Don’t worry, now a backup number will be sent with the order if one isn’t already there.
    ?I’m sorry, who is this?
    ?Call Ended
  • You now have the option to use both shipping labels and retailer labels with the Centrics integration. The Centrics guide has more info on how to do this.
  • If you have have multiple Magento 2 Store IDs that you want to download orders from, now you can with the Store ID List filter! ???
  • ?Hautica was added to the list of OneFlow providers.
  • Let’s Go2 these DTG2Go updates:
    • Now supports X and Y print offsets. Details in the DTG2Go guide.
    • Underbase metadata improvements were made.
    • Sped up order submission by lowering the number of orders submitted at once, which should result in fewer timeouts.
  • TradeGecko has a country filter now, so you can choose which orders are imported into Order Desk. Check out the TradeGecko guide for more details.
  • Who knew there were so many shades of gray? We updated the Dream Junction integration to offer improved support for gray color names during the automatic color conversion process.
  • We’ve bumped up MWW’s legacy shipment pull timeline to 10 business days to help make sure we don’t miss anything. We also improved our webhook support.
  • We hit the books and improved our logic when it comes to downloading product details from BigCommerce. ?
  • You won’t find any square pegs in round holes here; our inventory matching functionality with Joor is now better than ever.
  • Teamwork Athletic got a staging environment so you can test everything before you go live. You can also now send multiple line items in each order.
  • If you need to tell Etsy that orders are shipped without providing tracking numbers, there’s a new rule action that will allow you to do it.
  • In what is perhaps one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of our time, Walmart will sometimes inexplicably send an invalid token error when shipments are sent to them. ?️ Since we can’t solve it, we’re sidestepping it entirely by sending the shipment info again whenever that occurs.
  • If you fill out the Description2 field in 3PL Central, it will be pulled in and added to your inventory details so you can keep it handy.
  • ✨ShineOn is a bit shinier this month, with a more reliable connection due to an improvement to the way we export name fields.
  • In a hurry? VeraCore now accepts rush orders and third-party shipping accounts. We’ve updated our VeraCore guide if you’d like to learn how.
  • Try, and try again! We’ve made some improvements to our retry logic whenever a timeout occurs with FedEx Supply Chain.
  • We identified an issue that prevented some new EasyBill orders from importing, so we nipped that in the bud.
  • Is there such a thing as too many updates? We don’t think so! You can now create designs dynamically with the Scalable Press integration (details here), which includes new item level options for width, height, and print offset. But we didn’t stop there, you can also now see a list of all available product and print_skus right from your integration settings page! And that’s not all….oh wait, actually that’s all this month.

Do you think we had enough updates? ?

See you next month!
The Order Desk Team

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