May 2023

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  • New integrations
  • Spotlight On…SMTP
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Integration Features & Updates

Shopping Carts

Additional order level options that can be set as checkout data or order metadata for:

  • Etsy: Use the note_to_buyer field to send a customer note as checkout data or a metadata field, which will be sent over to Etsy when Order Desk checks for shipment information. Details Here.

Print on Demand

Additional item level options that can be set as variations or item metadata for:

  • White Label MFG: If requested by White Label MFG, use the drop_shipped field to pass data. Details Here.

New Integrations

Fulfillment: FreightPOP
Shopping Carts: 
Big Cartel

Spotlight on…SMTP

First off, if you’re not sure what SMTP is or how it works, feel free to take a little journey over to the blog post I wrote explaining the basics!

Now that you’ve done that…here are some updates to how we are handling email in the Order Desk app. 😊

If you use Order Desk to send emails, you may have received email communication last week letting you know about some changes to that function in the app.

To summarize, we were informed by the email server that Order Desk uses that they would no longer be supporting the use of email addresses that have not been previously approved. This means that email sent out from Order Desk on your behalf can no longer be sent white-labeled, or having it look like you sent it.

Not to worry, though. We made some changes to the app to help you continue sending emails in the way you prefer for your unique business. Now you have three options available to you:

  • Continue sending emails using our server, in which case your email addresses will appear like this:
  • Use the SMTP server of your choosing:
  • Use our native tool to connect with Google servers:

Each of the SMTP options can be tested using the tools beneath the input fields for your credentials.

More instructions on how to set up these options can be found in this guide.

Switching Gears

Since you learned a bit about how email is sent in this newsletter, I would love to hear about the weirdest email you’ve ever received! Let me know at

When email first became common, I used to get really scared reading chain emails. Remember those? “Forward this to 13 people or a ghost will visit you in your home and eat you!” Bear in mind, I was probably 8 years old so I thought it was perfectly logical outcome. 👻

See you next month,
Patricia and The Order Desk Team

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New Integrations PrintOps is a bootstrapped print on demand company with a focus on posters and framed prints. All of their products are made in-house in their facility located in Nashville, TN. Integration Features & Updates Shopping Carts Additional integration

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