January 2018

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Happy New Year! Can you believe it’s already 2018? Honestly, us either.

We’re excited to share all of the awesome features our team has created this past month, but before we dive in, can we just take a moment to say thanks? Order Desk grew in many ways in 2017 and we couldn’t have done it without you! In 2017, we downloaded 4.8 million orders, added 100+ new support articles to the help site, built 20+ integrations, and welcomed two new full-time employees. That wouldn’t have been possible without you. So, thank you for allowing us to help your business succeed; we are really grateful.

In 2018, we are excited to continue building new features and integrations, create new and improved support articles, and provide the best darn support ever!

Alright, now onto the cool, new features from December 2017, shall we?

Show Folder IDs When Setting up a Rule for Folders

Have you ever tried to set up a rule only to find yourself struggling to find the Folder ID? We’ve felt your pain and want to make it easier for you. Now when you add the “If Folder ID” condition, you’ll see the Folder IDs show up to the left of the folder name so you don’t have to fumble about to find it. Check it out:

Yep, we love you!

Shipstation Integration Supports Manual Shipment Check on an Entire Folder

We heard from some of you that you’ve had trouble getting ShipStation shipments to come in regularly. We’ve been working with ShipStation trying to figure out what’s going on, but for now we’ve added a feature that allows you to check all the shipments in a folder at once. Head over to your ShipStation settings, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click this button:

We hope this will help find any missing shipments that didn’t get reported.

Shopify Country Filter

If you only want to download Shopify orders from a certain country, we’re now making this easier than ever. Just enter the target countries separated by a comma and we’ll skip any orders that aren’t in this list. This makes it easier to use Order Desk for submission to certain countries and to ignore others.

Note: While a lot of our features are available for all users, Order Desk Pro is required for this particular feature. Not on Pro? Upgrade today!

On top of that, we did all of this:

  • You can now search for orders that don’t have a certain checkout data value by putting a ! in front of a checkout data query
  • Check incoming Shopify webhooks to make sure the shipment is being added to the right split
    If you had an order that had been split and were also downloading Shopify shipments, we’d be adding the incoming shipment to all the order splits. This has been fixed.
  • Making sure Magento shipment submissions are asynchronous
    This supports faster, more reliable tracking loads and cart submissions.
  • Don’t send manually entered line items in a shipment to Walmart
    This was causing some chaos for some customers.
  • Changing Lynx to Logistics Plus
    Lynx is now Logistics Plus! Look for the new logo on the Fulfillment tab of your integrationspage.
  • Always show edit buttons on order detail page (no longer on hover)
    The edit button on the order detail page used to appear only on hover and that was kind of confusing for people. Those buttons now appear all the time. Hallelujah!
  • Update shipment checking archive features for OIA
    We worked with OIA to ensure that shipment files would be properly archived so that all shipments could be checked. Because we care.
  • Support new Customer_SKU feature for Circle Graphics
    Circle Graphics recently added a feature to allow you to pass certain SKUs without any print_url’s. We added this support on our side as well. Read in the docs about how to do this.
  • Allow custom Cimpress print URLs
    If you need to have different versions of your print_url for cimpress and other providers, you can now use cimpress_url and it will take precedence over print_url.
  • Adding New Zealand State Codes
    We now support New Zealand state codes and a more robust matching algorithm for state abbreviations.
  • Adding Import Process Queue delay option
    If you’d like to delay your import (oh… let’s say you want to give your tracking numbers time to post at the shipper) you can now enter “delay=1 hour” or “delay=20 minutes” in the manual mapping section.
  • Adding ShipStation Cancellation Feature
    You can now cancel orders at ShipStation with a rule or by clicking the button on the order detail page.
  • Activating Spoke Custom integration
    The Spoke Custom integration is now up and running in case you’d like to use their services. Find out more about all our providers at the Print on Demand Provider page.
  • Adding Warehouse ID fields to SparkPay (Americommerce)
    This is very helpful if you’d like to set up splitting by Warehouse ID. Look for some branding updates soon as Americommerce has reacquired the SparkPay shopping cart.
  • Correcting the naming on the Canvus Print Client Requirement fields
    Our bad – sorry about that!
  • Support three-letter to two-letter country field conversions
    We now support three-letter to two-letter country field conversions (no more errors for entering USA instead of US – yay!)
  • Adding another option for pulling item code/SKU from incoming orders for PayPal
    We’ll now look for the L_NUMBERx field on incoming orders as an option for SKU.
  • Support for import processing Gmail forwarding functionality
    If you would like to forward emails from Gmail to our data import service, we can now manually approve your forward requests. Just send them over!
  • Support shipment checking for Prima Printing
    The original version of Prima Printing/Zen1to1 integration didn’t support shipping status pulls. This is now working properly.
  • New Volusion Logo/Branding
    Volusion has a new logo. Check it out on the Fulfillment tab of your integrations page.
  • More Colorado Timberline color support
    We’ve added several Colorado Timberline color codes. As always, if you find yourself needing any that we don’t support we’ll be happy to add them.
  • Adding Yotpo option to avoid sending prices
    Don’t want to send prices to Yotpo? You can now uncheck the option on the Yotpo settings page.
  • Remove invalid diacritics on Company Field for Amazon FBA
    Now having special characters in the company namé won’t stop an order from submitting to FBA.
  • Allow proper set of manual shipping method via checkout data when sending to Gooten
    You can set checkout data of ShipMethod to 1 or 2 for Standard or Expedited.
  • Advanced Search – now supports searching via tag
    Our Advanced Search feature (at the top of the page) now supports searching via tags.
  • Limiting the amount of Shopify product data we pull
    Our Shopify integration received an update to limit the amount of product data pulled to allow for more reliable inventory number syncing.
  • Remove legacy merchant token requirement for Amazon Marketplace
    Getting your Amazon Marketplace API credentials just got a little bit easier. We’ve removed the legacy merchant token requirement.
  • Support REMOVE in item name for inventory items
    If you’d like to submit a spreadsheet full of SKU’s to delete from Order Desk, just set the item name to REMOVE and we’ll delete it for you.
  • Fixing Volusion discounts
    Previously we’d been saving discounts as negative products. This has been fixed and we’ll now store Volusion products properly in the discount section rather than as a negative order item.
  • Export Sequence Numbers Now Supported
    Want to have export1.csv, then export2.csv? Now you can.

Wow… that was kind of a lot, huh? *pats our developers on the back*

Thanks a million for sticking around ‘til the end. We’re really pumped for all of these new additions and are excited to start sharing our feature updates on a monthly basis. If you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

See you in February!

-The Order Desk Team

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