December 2018

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Dan you believe it’s already the end of the year!? We’re feeling the holidan rush, and we imagine you are too. As this year comes to a close, we will be here to support you every way we dan. Are we being redundant? That brings us to our next dan point.

Meet our newest team member, Dan Valenzuela!

Dan (also known around here as Dan V, Dan², or Dan Again) hails from Oregon by way of Southern California. He loves junk food, animals, naps, sarcasm, and writing about himself. Mention Star Wars around him and he’ll never shut up about his favorite characters and books. Is that a threat? Maybe!

Dan will be wearing a few hats here, but you’ll be getting to know him as he helps out with support. Our team is now ⅖ Dans. If you talk to us often, you may get confused, but don’t worry, almost half of us now answer to Dan. One way or another, you’ll get your danswer.

MWW Update: What is that Bad Address Request Error Anyway?

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about this “Bad Address Request” error on MWW orders.

MWW recently announced that orders with invalid shipping addresses will be rejected. If the shipping address on the order doesn’t match what the shipping carrier considers valid, you’ll see this error.

If that happens, check with the shipping carrier’s online address validation tool to see what they say is the right address, or you can use our SmartyStreets integration to validate the addresses for you. Once you’ve fixed the shipping address, you can re-submit the order to MWW.

Integration Update

This month, we released four new Print on Demand integrations:


And three more fulfillment services:


If you are already working with PDR in Order Desk via import and export templates, your connection will still work as it always has. If you’d prefer to switch over to the official integration, send us an email if you need any help making that transition.

Fixes, Improvements and New Features

  • Question: What do you get if you use code replace to turn Item A into Item B, but then you also use code replace to turn Item B into Item A?
    Before: Infinite unbundling.

    Now: Nothing. Phew.
  • Our support for Wayfair’s inventory sync is working quite a bit better this month.
  • Updated DTG2Go’s shipment matching options.
  • Amazon North America, Europe, and Australia can now connect using our developer ID. Details can be found on the integration setup page.
  • Centrics now has a better authentication process.
  • Turns out there were some shipping discounts in Shopify that we weren’t applying to orders, but now we do.
  • Order imports and refunds now support orders that include Shopify’s upcoming multi-currency feature. Just to be up front, we don’t support multi-currency ourselves, but we will be able to refund the currency in which the order was placed.
  • Our webhook connection with Shopify has been improved, resulting in more accurate cancellation notifications.
  • Alba Trees now supports orders with multiple quantities.
  • Print on Demand stores can now skip product codes for both print_skus and regular product SKUs. More details here.
  • When importing orders with ShipHero, we can now pull in any shipments on those orders as well. Also, ShipHero was rate limiting some of you, so we adjusted the way we communicate with them to keep this at bay a little better.
  • More Qualtry products!
  • We made improvements to the way cost information is sent to Just Vision It.
  • InkLocker now supports setting default DPI and image sizes/offsets per store.
  • Oberlo’s shipment submission should be working much better now.
  • EasyPost was having a hard time recognizing international orders for merchants not in the US. We fixed that. Now we’re international for you like you are for us.
  • Spelling was giving us some trouble again, this time with the Dream Junction integration and one particular product. The 3600_LT products will now be sent as LT_GRAY instead of LT_GREY. ?
  • MWW no longer accepts your unique PO Number field (if set as checkout data). To get around this new limitation, we will still send your PO Number to them, but we’ll send it through in the order number field instead. ?
  • Export templates now handle extra line items per order and per item more intuitively. While we were at it, we added the EXTRA-LINE-BEFORE-ITEM custom option so the extra lines can be headers instead of footers if you want.
  • We created a hierarchy for Shipping Class Matches. Now, an earlier exact shipping match will override a later partial match. No idea what we’re talking about? If you aren’t using Shipping Class Match in your fulfillment integration, you probably want to be.
  • OPT On Demand will be better at finding shipments now.
  • You can now test the T-shirt & Sons and Faya integrations before applying them to live orders.
  • Our connection to ShipStation has been improved so it will better support those really large batches of shipments they send back that like to get lost. ?
  • LA Sublimation now accepts the print_url field for your artwork to be sent directly to them with the order. Don’t know how this works yet? Details here.
  • We added support for the new ClientJobRef field at Circle Graphics and also updated our logic to no longer send the ShipToPerson field if it is not needed.
  • When receiving shipments from ShipStation, we’ll now check the service code to determine what flavor of DHL it should be.
  • Selz was sending us failed and voided orders that looked like totally new orders. ?That won’t be happening anymore.
  • We improved how we handle Kokolo’s print_sku support field.
  • We fixed an issue with the incorrect webhook reference URL for Custom Gateway.
  • We’re Americans; we sometimes get a little confused about UK addresses. No worries, though… we’ve fixed the shipping state field for Custom Gateway, even though admittedly, we’re still a little confused about UK addresses. ?
  • The print type on Zazzle labels are now uppercase, which is good news because now it means your labels will print correctly.
  • If you manually check for a shipment from 3PL Central, we will no longer pull in the tracking number if the order doesn’t have a process date yet. No more fake tracking updates!
  • When doing shipment imports, you can now set a tracking url template to be used on the shipment or even a custom template per order. Details here.
  • If use 17track as a shipping carrier, we will create a 17track URL automatically.
  • The OIA Global integration now includes FedEx One Rate and DHL options.

If you’d like smaller, more frequent updates in addition to these every month, be sure to follow us on Twitter.

Have a dan-tastic holiday season, and we’ll see you again in 2019!

Dan, Dan and the rest of the Order Desk team

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