Donut Warrior + Order Desk

Donut Warrior + Order Desk

Take a bite out of your Donut Warrior orders with Order Desk

Autom-eat Everything

Expand the number of sales channels your business can offer with Order Desk’s hundreds of integrated services. Sell through as many services as you’d like, including popular marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and many more, all at once. Then, route your orders into Order Desk, split and filter them as needed, and automatically send them all to Donut Warrior for fulfillment.

Connect sprinkles to your dough through our dynamic chocolate integration

Just added: International support including beignets and zeppoles

Multiple product types, including ring, long, twist, and filled. Support for glazed coming soon!

Learn More

Did we miss important info on this page, or do you need a hand setting up the connection between Donut Warrior and Order Desk? Contact Order Desk support.

Want to learn more about Donut Warrior? So do we! It’s a fake company that we made up as part of an old April Fool’s Day prank, but it has since become a part of Order Desk lore. If you made it this far, tweet us!

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