Order Desk Team

5 Benefits of Choosing a Remote Career

Remote work offers great advantages for those who find it appealing. Here are some reasons why remote work is the bomb (in our humble, Y2K-laced opinion, of course). I am truly passionate about the topic of remote work and could … Read More

The Perks of Working at Order Desk

We are incredibly grateful to have a team that values work-life balance as much as we do at Order Desk. It’s not just something we preach, it’s something we embody and live every day. Our company prioritizes your family life … Read More

Retreat 2023: Wish You Were Here!

Recently the Order Desk team had a chance to do something we haven’t done in a very long time: a company retreat. In fact it’s been three years since the last time we were able to get together, and the … Read More

Rutabagas and What It’s Like to Reject 2,000 People for a Single Role at the Same Time

Editor’s note: Typically, we post news about Order Desk, our ecommerce order management app. This post falls outside of our normal scope of content, however since many of our users are small businesses, we want to be real about the … Read More