March 2019

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February is a short month, but we weren’t short on updates and new features!

Our biggest news this month is about our BigCommerce integration. You can now send your orders to BigCommerce from Order Desk.

What’s that!?

TO BigCommerce! If you need to send orders to BigCommerce for fulfillment and then pull the shipment details back into Order Desk, all you’ll have to do is enable these two little settings:

That will give you a button to submit your orders to BigCommerce:

Or you can set up a rule to send them automatically. When shipment info is added there, we’ll pull it back into Order Desk.

New Integrations This Month


Print on Demand
ShineOn Jewelry
Colorado Textile

EasyPost Fulfillment

Groupon Goods


New features

  • The Magento 2 integration now supports grouped products. Group hug!
  • We have a few other updates for BigCommerce this month. You can now send staff notes back to BigCommerce with a rule. To do this, create a rule with the action Submit BigCommerce Staff Note. In the empty box, you can either write in the note to send to BigCommerce or if you want the note to be different for each order, use:

    and set our note in a checkout data field called staff_note. If you need a refresher on checkout data, check out this guide. We have also started downloading MPN values in products.
  • The Dropbox integration got a default selection option this month. Now you can choose which field you add your files to more often to save yourself a step each time you add a file.
  • We’d like to point out that the Dubow integration now fully supports embroidery options. Sew… yeah… we hoop you like it.
  • If you are using the official WooCommerce tracking plugin, you can now enable the option for Order Desk to use it in your WooCommerce integration settings. We’ve also started to support some of their new API v3 functionality to improve stability and security.
  • Shiphero got two new updates to make submissions a smoother process. First, if the shipping country is empty on an order, US will be added by default. Second, we will only be sending the last 32 characters of an extra long order ID to avoid problems with their character limit.
  • Need to submit receipts to Wemalo? Be audit you can be and go for it.
  • We’ve had a long standing issue where we sometimes have trouble reliably getting ShipStation shipments. It’s very hard to track and troubleshoot this, but we think it has to do with automated retries not being sent from ShipStation to our system. We’ve built multiple workarounds meant to go after and find the shipments they aren’t sending, but because it’s ultimately a ShipStation issue, our workarounds aren’t always perfect. With that said, we built another one improving the quality and stability of the import system that we really hope will make it feel like a non-issue for those of you experiencing this. Oh, don’t want to forget—we’ve also seen some issues lately where the uploaded ShipStation item thumbnail isn’t working well for various reasons, so we’ve added the option to have us cache the file on our servers before sending. This is only needed if you are experiencing problems, but if you need to use it, you can set the order metadata of cache_thumbnail to 1.
  • Exported files with up to 500 records can now be sorted by email using a custom parameter. Details here. Export templates can also now export order shipment info, which you can read about here.
  • Here’s the scoop on the Rule Builder. Now you can: automatically change order IDs, edit order item names, and use the current hour as a condition. The banana wildcard split is now even better since we can handle partial matches on more than one type of code at a time. (Example: CODE|sku-1*,sku-2*)
  • If you plan to use I-dika, you now have the option to configure the FTP server name when adding your credentials to connect the integration.
  • Shopify got a smokin’ hot new date this month!

    That’s not the only good thing going with Shopify right now. Product downloads from Shopify will be a little more efficient to avoid memory errors. If they’re set in Shopify, the referring site and checkout ID details will be added to your order metadata. Look for shopify_referring_site and shopify_checkout_id.
  • If you send orders to Shopify for fulfillment, you can now send a note along with them using ShopifyNote as a checkout data field. This overwrites the Original Order Desk ID details we usually send. Also, if you need to re-submit an order that came from Shopify back to Shopify, you can do this by adding shopify_submit_override=1 to your order metadata. This can be done with a rule by using the action Set Order Metadata Value and applying the shopify_submit_override|1 in the rule. For a list of all the things you can send to Shopify, check out these checkout data features.
  • If there is any invalid Twig in an email template, the store admin will get a notification about it.
  • You can now use Twig when pulling information from Order Desk to be sent to your Mailchimp lists.
  • Send test orders to Cimpress before going live with the new test mode setting.
  • If you have a team using PrintNode for label printing, Order Desk can now support session-based printer IDs, so multiple computers can be used to print your labels.
  • DecoPlate now accepts a second packing slip, gift notes and shipping labels.
  • Faya updated their API, so we followed suit and updated our integration accordingly.
  • Need a quick reference of your Etsy listing in an order? We’ll now pull in the listing ID and add it to your item metadata.
  • Qualtry can now accept shipping account numbers if you set them in a checkout data field called ShippingAccount.
  • You’ll see Payment Type as an option in Advanced Search:
  • If you use the Walmart integration, you have the ability to use the Customer Order ID or the Purchase Order ID as the ID that we use to reference the order.

Fixes and Updates

  • Twilio was only sending out text messages when shipments were added. It wasn’t you, it was us. Twilio now sends text messages on any event you choose, so we hope you’ll give it another chance.
  • When an email template has an attachment field added to it, we’ll send an error message to the account admin (instead of sending the email) if the attachment doesn’t exist on an order and can’t be included in the email.
  • The Change Shipping Address rule actions were missing some shipping address information—they’ve since been reunited. We also added a companion Change Customer Address action.
  • The Red Stag integration webhook support has been fixed so shipments will now work more reliably.
  • To avoid being the cucumber to CustomCat, we added a 2 second delay between submitted orders to ensure they arrive without errors.
  • Whoops—we made a change to the Aftership integration that accidentally removed customers’ email addresses. That’s fixed!
  • Pic The Gift now accepts phone numbers on orders.
  • Solved: a state submissions snafu when sending orders to Centrics.
  • If you are splitting your BigCommerce orders and also pulling in status updates on them from BigCommerce, we’ll make sure all parts of a split order get those status updates instead of just the original order.
  • New order, who dis? We spotted a bug in Shopify when sending orders to them where the address wouldn’t show up if the shipping name on the order didn’t include a last name. Instead of seeing if they’d fix it, we put in our own fix, so now the material girl and Queen Bey won’t have any more issues getting what they ordered.
  • No more secrets—our API will now properly show the order history when requested.
  • Orders from DTG2Go will fail if they’re missing required parts. (That’s a good thing. It means you can fix the problem, then re-submit the order.)

We’ll see you next month!
The Order Desk Team

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