VeraCore + Order Desk

VeraCore + Order Desk

Automatically send your orders to VeraCore for fulfillment or use your fulfillment company to receive orders in VeraCore with Order Desk

Automate Everything

With the VeraCore integration on Order Desk, your clients can offer their products across multiple marketplaces and automatically import all of their orders into Order Desk, where they can be split and organized as needed before being sent to you through VeraCore for fulfillment. As you ship orders, Order Desk pulls the tracking information back through VeraCore, and from there, it’ll be sent back into the original shopping cart to complete the process.

The VeraCore Supplier allows fulfillment companies to to import orders from VeraCore into orders to have them fulfilled by third party companies. By importing orders from VeraCore, your business will be able to split, filter, and organize orders, as well as send shipment and tracking information back to VeraCore once orders are fulfilled. You also have hundreds of integrations to tap into, and unlimited options for other third party services.

VeraCore Fulfillment Features

Download inventory counts from VeraCore into Order Desk

Create custom automations to send only specific orders to VeraCore

Match shopping cart shipping method names to the methods VeraCore uses

Look for canceled orders at VeraCore and take action on them in Order Desk

Tell VeraCore individual products in bundles

Send picklist messages to VeraCore

VeraCore Supplier Features

Automatically import orders from VeraCore and schedule the frequency

Filter imported orders by System ID

Sync tracking information back to VeraCore Supplier from Order Desk

What else can you expect from Order Desk?

Order Splitting

Automatically separate different parts of an order for split fulfillment.

Custom Folders

Organize your workflow with your own custom folders that let you track your orders the way you want at all times.

Custom Exports

It’s your data. Create CSV exports in any format you like. Set your specific requirements and send these reports automatically by email or FTP.

Custom User Permissions

We offer fine-grained control to allow the right people access to the right things.

Shipping Labels

Use our integration with EasyPost to easily print any label directly to your printer.

Picklists & Reports

Generate a report of your orders by SKU for easy picking and packing. Get insights into your best sellers.

Receipt Templates

Build completely customized receipt templates for every need. The sky is the limit.

Inventory Syncing

Pull inventory from your warehouse and automatically update the stock counts at your online marketplaces.

Hundreds of Guides

Learn at your own pace with hundreds of thorough technical documents that cover just about every feature, integration, and tool.

Learn More

Did we miss important info on this page, or do you need a hand setting up the connection between VeraCore and Order Desk? Contact Order Desk support.

To learn more about VeraCore, visit their website here.

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