About Square

Initially started to help businesses of all sizes accept credit card payments, Square has built an array of useful tools to help businesses succeed. Square customers can create online stores, offer delivery and pickup options, and accept all kinds of payments while running real-time reports, and its seamless integration with Square Point of Sale helps keep in-person and online businesses in sync.

Using Square With Order Desk

Order Desk gives you the ability to automate your order management process. By importing your Square orders, you'll be able to split, filter and organize your orders, then automatically send them to your fulfillment services that create, store, and ship your products. You have hundreds of integrations to choose from as well as unlimited options for other third party services.


  • Send inventory counts and shipment details back to Square
  • Select the location in your Square account that you want Order Desk to download orders from
  • Choose how often you want Order Desk to download orders from Square

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To learn more about Square, visit their website here.