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Print on Demand

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Canvas Prints
Framed Art
Poster Prints
Yoga Mats
Lawn Signs

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About Sensaria

Hidden away in a nondescript warehouse in Longmont, Colorado lies Sensaria, who specialize in large format and grand printing. With a combined 407,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities across the United States, Sensaria is a household name for the outdoor advertising, business signage, wall decor, art reproduction, and the professional photography and art communities.

Using Order Desk With Sensaria

Expand the number of sales channels your business can offer with the hundreds of integrated services that Order Desk offers. Sell through as many services as you’d like, including popular marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and many more, all at once. Then, route your orders into Order Desk, split and filter them as needed, and automatically send them all to Sensaria for fulfillment.


  • Set a default shipping method for orders or match the methods from your cart to what Sensaria uses on a per-order basis
  • Match the shipping name from the original shopping cart to one that Sensaria understands
  • Use your own or third party shipping accounts with your orders
  • Set a custom Return Address
  • Look for errors when submitting to Sensaria and take different action on order
  • Send custom order data to Sensaria, like a packing slip, package label, PO number, and more
  • Several item customization options

Learn More

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To learn more about Sensaria, visit their website.