About RevCascade

RevCascade is a dropship supplier that automates all aspects of a retailer’s dropship program. RevCascade allows retailers and vendors to easily share curated product data, update inventory, and manage the lifecycle of dropship transactions from purchase orders through to invoicing.

Using RevCascade With Order Desk

Order Desk gives you the ability to automate your order management process. By importing your RevCascade orders, you'll be able to split, filter and organize your orders, then automatically send them to your fulfillment services that create, store, and ship your products. You have hundreds of integrations to choose from as well as unlimited options for other third party services.


  • Select how often you want Order Desk to check RevCascade for new orders
  • Choose the status of the orders to be downloaded from RevCascade
  • Select if you want Order Desk to automatically acknowledge to RevCascade when orders are imported
  • Select if you want Order Desk to send shipment details back to RevCascade as they are added to orders in Order Desk
  • Select if you want Order Desk to sync your product counts to RevCascade
  • Select a specific date Order Desk should import orders from

Learn More

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To learn more about RevCascade, visit their website.