About Newegg Logistics

Newegg Logistics offers full-service fulfillment and 3PL solutions to B2C and B2B businesses. Your products are safely stored in Newegg's over 1 million square feet of storage space, then processed, packed, and shipped in an unbranded box when orders are received. Newegg's vast carrier network ensures that 91% of deliveries reach anywhere in North America with 2-day ground shipping.

Locations: California, Indiana, New Jersey (United States) and Ontario (Canada)

Using Newegg Logistics With Order Desk

Expand the number of sales channels your business can offer using the hundreds of services already integrated with Order Desk. Sell your products across multiple marketplaces and automatically import all of your orders into Order Desk, where they can be split and organized as needed before being sent to Newegg Logistics for quick, reliable handling. As orders are shipped, Newegg Logistics will send tracking information back to Order Desk, and from there it’ll be sent back into the original shopping cart to complete the process.


  • Send orders to Newegg Logistics instantly
  • Choose the default mail class you want to use for your orders
  • Check for new shipments as often as every three hours
  • Sync inventory counts as often as every hour
  • Set a warehouse ID for inventory syncing
  • Match product SKUs and shipping option names between the original shopping cart and Newegg Logistics

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To learn more about Newegg, visit their website.

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