About Falcon Fulfillment

Falcon Fulfillment is a warehouse and logistics company that offers features like same-day shipping, custom packaging and warehousing to its ecommerce partners. They advertise competitive pricing and high shipping accuracy rates among other benefits.

Headquarters: Salt Lake City, Utah (USA)

Using Falcon Fulfillment With Order Desk

Order Desk lets you expand the number of sales channels you have without worrying about straining your resources. Sell through as many services as you’d like, including popular marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and many more, all at once. Then, route your orders into Order Desk, split and filter them as needed, and automatically send them to Falcon Fulfillment to create your products and ship them to your customers.


  • Download Inventory Stock counts from Falcon Fulfillment
  • Automatically send imported orders to Falcon Fulfillment
  • Skip certain products from being sent to Falcon Fulfillment
  • Automatically match SKUs if they are different in your shopping cart than in Falcon Fulfillment
  • Send only specific orders to Falcon Fulfillment using the Inventory Location Match feature
  • Match the shipping classes in your shopping cart to those in Falcon Fulfillment

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To learn more about Falcon Fulfillment, visit their website.